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The Top 16 Plays in Madden NFL 16: Number 15

by Prima Games Staff

With each new season of Madden NFL, ZFarls dives into the playbooks to check out new plays, get re-familiarized with tried-and-true plays, and narrow it all down to his favorites. These plays take into account the new mechanics and plays in the game to really deliver a scheme that you can use all season long. Whether you are looking to build a custom book or choose a solid playbook for Madden Ultimate Team, these plays will win you more games.

#15: Gun Split Viking—Shovel Option

This play gives the QB plenty of players to pitch the ball to in the run game.

All week, we’ll be counting down some of our Top 16 favorite plays; here’s #16. For the entire Top 16 list, plus full coverage on the new Draft Champions mode, expert strategies to dominate in Madden Ultimate Team, and up-to-date fantasy football tips all season long, grab the official game guide!

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