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Smooth McGroove’s Zelda 2 Temple and Palace Theme Acapella

by Prima Games Staff

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link tends to ellicit extreme reactions from Nintendo fans. Either they applaud the company for taking the franchise in a somewhat different direction (2D side scrolling instead of the traditional top-down view) or they spend several moments explaining why it’s the black sheep; well, next to The Wind Waker.

No matter which side of the virtual fence you sit, we should agree on this: Zelda 2 has some great music, particularly the Temple and Palace theme. Give this a listen if you need a reminder.

Now check out the latest acapella from popular YouTube personality Smooth McGroove. Watch and listen as he sings each part of the track. Behold the most docile feline in existence, and then check out McGroove’s prior videos, most notably his Mario Kart 64 Rainbow Road acapella, and Ryu’s theme from Street Fighter 2

So what do you think of Zelda 2? 

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