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Sea of Thieves – Rare’s Gorgeous Multiplayer Pirate Game

by Prima Games Staff

Although Microsoft acquired the development studio in 2002, Nintendo fans will always have fond memories of Rare, the company behind such classics as Donkey Kong Country, Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie, three million-selling games that left a huge imprint on millions of hearts worldwide.

It’s been a while since we experienced old school Rare magic, at least until this morning, when the developer unveiled its newest Xbox One adventure, Sea of Thieves. 

At first glance it’s a multiplayer pirate game where groups of four people and perhaps more explore the Caribbean. In addition to hunting for buried treasure on land, they sail the high seas aboard old school pirate ships. There’s also the possibility for ship-to-ship battles, presumably against other players. Eventually someone will walk the plank, or perhaps worse, get attacked by skeletons. 

Early footage takes place in lush forests we certainly hope contain hundreds of collectibles, and the ocean, home to the best-looking water effects ever seen in a video game. 

Unfortunately details are scarce and we have no idea when Sea of Thieves will come out, though based on what we’ve seen, Rare may have something special in store for us all. 

Set sail with the first trailer for Sea of Thieves, then read about Halo 5’s new multiplayer mode, Warzone.

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