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Rainbow Six Siege – GSG-9 Unit Video

by Bryan Dawson

Today Ubisoft unveiled the next video in its series of coverage concerning the various elite teams that comprise Rainbow Six Siege. The German team, GSG-9, focuses on abilities that many people who played the recent beta should already be very familiar with. Monika Weiss (IQ) is the most unique member of the group, sporting the RED-NK3 Spectre, which allows her to scan and detect any electronic signals nearby, such as cameras or other objects the enemy team may be using.

The rest of the team falls in line with the abilities players should already be quite familiar with. Blitz uses the riot shield, Jager’s magpie neutralizes projectiles such as grenades, and Bandit can electrify barbed wire and artificial walls. Expect Rainbow Six Siege to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on December 1st, 2015.

Check out more information on the various operators in the game or find out what you can expect from the eSports side of Rainbow Six Siege.

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