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New Alien: Isolation Trailer – Improvise to Survive

by Prima Games Staff

The original Alien film breathed new life into the horror genre, while its sequel launched an untold number of video games. Aliens helped kick start the marines in space craze, resulting in countless titles featuring tough and largely expendable soldiers slaughtering extraterrestrials with heavy firepower.   

Of course, the formula has been done so many times that we’ve needed a different take, which is why we’re so excited for Alien: Isolation. Sega’s upcoming survival horror game pits Ellen Ripley’s daughter against a single alien aboard a creepy space station. There is one weapon that we know of, a flamethrower, but it does little to deter the terrifying creature. Instead, you must sneak through the environment avoiding detection, creating distractions and using various objects to your advantage, namely the motion tracker. 

That said, this new Alien: Isolation video features computer generated footage that does an excellent job capturing the essence of the game. As you’ll soon discover, improvising is key to making it out alive. 

Alien: Isolation releases October 7.

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