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Mr. Nice Guy: A DayZ Experiment in Human Nature

by Prima Games Staff

When our good friend ChalkOne said he was going to give a random stranger his M4A1 in DayZ, our first thought was, “Bro, you’re going to die.” After a little more consideration, we were intrigued to see how things would work out. Well, maybe intrigued isn’t the right word. Maybe hopeful fits a bit better. You see, there’s so much shoot on sight in DayZ that it chips away at your faith in the people who play the game. In fact, the situation has gotten so out of hand that people started shooting on sight just to avoid being shot on sight. It’s a vicious cycle. Check out a tweet sent to RumpoPlays.

So, ChalkOne set out on his ill advised mission near Elektro, and we anxiously waited for the results to show up on his YouTube channel. Check out what happened below.

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