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GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC – Better Graphics, Transfer Your Save

by Prima Games Staff

Although we love Grand Theft Auto 5, we wanted to see Rockstar’s open world extravaganza on more powerful hardware. We’ll get our wish this fall when the company brings GTA 5 to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

It would be easier to port the game to these platforms with higher resolution graphics and be done with it, but the developers took things a step further. Watch the debut trailer and notice the enhanced vehicular details, particularly on the cars and the way rain pitter-patters on the ground. Does traffic seem denser than before? That’s by design. In fact, you’ll see more of everything throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. Not only are there more cars and trucks on the roads, but also wildlife on land and in the ocean.

If you own the older version of GTA 5 and want to transfer your save from Xbox 360 and PS3, no worries because you can do it. In addition, previously released downloadable content will be available, with more on the way. PC fans, however, are in for the best of treats, thanks to the inclusion of a video editor that will let them create all sorts of cinematic masterpieces.

All told, this should be the definitive Grand Theft Auto 5 experience. All we want to know is whether we can spawn the buzzard attack helicopter.

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