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Funny DayZ Video Shows an Axe Fight in a Kitchen

by Prima Games Staff

For all the walking and running that is involved with DayZ, there are situations that you wouldn’t believe if you weren’t there to witness them yourself. That was the case with us when we recently logged in to cause some trouble with our friends, ChalkOne and YNOTtheTiger.

On this particular day, we rolled into Elektro and took up residence in an apartment building close to the Fire Station, just a short distance away from the railway tracks. Armed with a Repeater and Blaze 95 Double Rifle, we started taking shots at anyone who stood in our field of view, including one of our own pals who happened to pick up another player’s backpack.

Although the doors were locked and we felt relatively safe, things quickly went downhill and we found ourselves with a fox in the henhouse. What ensued was a hilarious axe fight in a tiny kitchen, topped off by us blindly firing our Repeater into the crowd axe wielders. As with most hilarious horror movies, the villain never stays dead, bringing Zombieland Rule #2 – The Double Tap to mind.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to share your own whacky DayZ experiences with us in the comment section down below.

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