With EA Sports UFC in full swing, players everywhere are getting better and better at breaking each other's virtual noses. Not to sound conceited, but we would like to think we had a hand in teaching a few of them a trick or two. Of course, video games aren't all about strategy. Every once in awhile you have to kick your feet up, grab some popcorn, and just be a fan.

Today, we've decided to take a step back from strategy and let the AI make a couple of completely unfounded predictions. With UFC 175 - Weidman vs Machida set to kick off on Saturday, July 5, we thought it would be fun to let the AI do battle against itself, seeing who has what it takes to be the Middleweight champion in Video Game Land.

Can Chris "The All American" Weidman retain his belt against former Light Heavyweight champion, Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida? We won't spoil the results for you, but once you've watched the video we'd love for you weigh-in with a comment down below. Do you think the simulation was accurate, or does this simulation drift more toward fantasy?