Similar to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, EA continues to release free updates for its hard-hitting brawler, EA Sports UFC. In fact, the recently announced third content update adds new fighters and gameplay tweaks for an even more realistic experience.

To start, you'll receive Gunnar Nelson and Tim Kennedy. In addition, Nick Diaz shows up in the Middleweight Division. Beyond that, EA has something it calls Finish the Fight 2.0, which lets you rock wobbly opponents with a series of devastating punches. 

From there, EA implemented Guillotine Takedown Reversals from Full Guard, achieved by pressing R1/RB and down on the Right Analog Stick. On top of that, new additions to takedown variety mean perfect takedowns now end in Half Guard, while late denials or inputs end in Full Guard. There are new animations for fatigued kicks during health events or low stamina situations, while back and side slips saw much-needed improvement.

No word on when the update will be available, but you can see much of it in action with the new trailer.