Based on what we've seen, Electronic Arts and BioWare will say goodbye to 2014 with one of the biggest games of the year, Dragon Age Inquisition for multiple platforms. The ambitious role-playing game casts you as a warrior, rogue or mage (your choice), and from there, you're able to recruit up to nine followers to your party.

Today, EA detailed three of these characters in the new Dragon Age Inquisition trailer. The first, the Iron Bull, is a horned tank-like character who commands the Bull's Chargers, a band of mercenaries. From there, you have Sarah, an Elven Archer who leads a network of criminals and pierces foes with arrows, and finally, there's a mage named Dorian from the northern empire, who sets out to redeem his homeland. You'll need the latter to protect the party from damage.

The game releases November 18, and we'll publish a free Dragon Age Inquisition guide and walkthrough.

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