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Alien: Isolation – Safe Haven DLC Includes New Challenge Mode

by Prima Games Staff

Sega and Creative Assembly continue to bring the scares with Alien: Isolation, thanks to a steady release of add-on packs that include new levels and missions for the near impossible Survivor Mode. The latest, Safe Haven, introduces us to Hughes, Communications Manager aboard the doomed Sevastopol Station. We soon learn he’s quite a busy guy.

Safe Haven comes with Salvage Challenge, a somewhat different take on Survivor Mode that tasks you with completing 10 different assignments using limited resources against different enemy waves; one moment you might need to outsmart the alien, and the next, those bothersome androids.  While sneaking through the station’s lower decks, you’ll come upon items that let you craft different pieces of equipment (the flamethrower, for instance). On top of that, you’re able to exchange points for a save slot at the expense of your rank on the leaderboards. There’s only one life to live, so hardened Isolation players will probably ignore the option to save. 

If previous DLC is anything to go buy, we’ll spend the bulk of time staring into the Alien’s ugly mug, waiting for it to plunge its inner mouth through our virtual heads.

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