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Alien: Isolation – Making the Alien Scary Again

by Prima Games Staff

The famous creature from the Alien films is one of the greatest movie monsters of all time, but let’s face it, overexposure greatly chipped away at the xenomorph’s scare factor. Instead of keeping this dangerous enemy in the shadows where it belonged, Hollywood put it on full display in such sequels as Alien Resurrection and the two AVP flicks, as well as an untold number of parodies that poked fun at the iconic design. 

Well, kiss that goodby with Alien: Isolation. Both Sega and Creative Assembly plan to capture the fear and tension from Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic film. You don’t kill countless foes with a pulse rifle. You run away from a single alien bent on your destruction, with little to no weapons at your disposal. By the end of this game, the developers hope you’ve become a trembling wreck, to which we say, bring it on!

While Isolation is a late 2014 release, please enjoy this all-too-brief look at the game, and how its creators plan to return the creature back to its horror roots.

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