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Alien: Isolation Lost Contact DLC Available Now

by Prima Games Staff

We’re still playing Sega’s Alien: Isolation, doing our best to make it through Sevastopol Station without getting slaughtered. Now we have something else to focus on, with the Lost Contact DLC releasing today.

The fourth addition to this excellent survivor horror game introduces players to Axel, who lost contact with his buddies and must rely on his skills to make it out alive. The game presents 10 different challenges to complete while making it from point A to point B, each one tougher than the last. Gamers score points along the way, and they have the option of trading some in to save, though doing this costs them dearly on the Isolation leaderboards.

We have to wait until work’s over to download this content, but for now we have this Lost Contact playthrough from Creative Assembly.

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