Should You Give the Artifact to the Starborn in Starfield? – Answered

You're not the only one looking for artifacts

Starborn Artifact in Starfield
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Once you go Further Into the Unknown, the Starborn are going to take notice of the Constellation faction, and they want their Artifacts back in Starfield. But you know how much power each one holds, and you need to decide whether you follow their orders or put your lives on the line in the name of answers.

Should You Give the Artifact to the Starborn in Starfield?

The short answer is no, you should definitely not give the Artifact to the Starborn when he stops you in space. If you decide to give up the Artifact you just recovered, then you’ll only have more work to do later on as you complete the Armillary. Even worse is the fact that everyone in your party will dislike your decision.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

After all, the main party members in Starfield are part of the Constellation faction. They all have a common goal of finding these Artifacts and getting answers to the unknown in the Universe. Giving up one of those pieces to the puzzle goes completely against all their values. So you need to hold on at all costs.

That means you now either have to attack the Starborn ship or escape as fast as possible. I recommend using your Grav Drive and jumping out of there without any hesitation. You can jump to any system you want, as long as it’s away from the Starborn. After you escape you can head back to the Lodge.

The last option is to simply attack the Starborn ship right then and there. If you’re on a higher difficulty, this fight can be tough. But if you really want to, there is always the option to turn down difficulty at a moment’s notice and then blast the ship away. Then you can easily cruise away with your Starfield Artifact.

After more than a few encounters with these new enemies, learn how you can get the Starborn Armor in Starfield.

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