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What is Pokemon This Gym of Mine? – Everything to Know

Want to be a Pokemon Gym Leader and run the town?

by Ashley Anthony
Pokemon: This Gym of Mine. Pokemon in all of its glory.

A new experience for Pokemon fans is the new Game Boy Advance (GBA) game: This Gym of Mine. Poke-peeps love the latest fan-made instalment, where you not only better your battling prowess and become the ultimate Gym Leader but also help develop the town around your Gym.

What is the Plot of Pokemon This Gym of Mine?

You’ll start by selecting the Pokemon type of your Gym and your signature Pokemon. You’ll meet mayor Dalton, who will keep you updated on your progress and everything else in the game.

At the start of the game, you’ll be in charge of “Umbal City.” You’ll be the city’s newest Gym Leader, and quite frankly, nobody in the town has anything nice to say about you at the start of your epic journey. Umbal City is in ruins because of the Gym Leader before you, and it’s your job to improve its status.

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Building Umbal City in Pokemon This Gym of Mine

At the beginning, you’ll notice town folks standing in front of empty plots. When you complete challenges and buy building plans, you can fill these plots, improving your reputation as a Gym Leader and the town’s status.

You must earn the town’s trust by improving the Gym’s status. You can only achieve this by winning battles and building. Beware; if you keep losing battles repeatedly, you will be fired as the Gym Leader.

On the other hand, if you win battles against other trainers, inside or outside of your Gym, your reputation will increase. If you continue winning battles and get stronger in the game, you’ll get challenged by stronger Gym Leaders.

The stronger the challenger, the higher the reward in reputation points.

Pokemon This Gym of Mine
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Creating Your Gym

To do the challenges and open your Gym, you must have at least three Pokemons specific to your Gym’s type. You’ll be able to find all types of Pokemon all over the city from the get-go. So it shouldn’t be a challenging task to find and catch Pokemon.

As the game wears on, you can upgrade and customize your Gym by adding decorations, furniture, and other fantastic items.

You’ll also be able to battle other players in the game as you all fight to become the best Pokemon trainer. Each Gym you square up against offers unique challenges. These challenges require different approaches, installing a no-one-size-fits-all system to the game and its battles.

Side note: This Pokemon entry has a co-op feature, so you can battle side-by-side and explore dangerous dungeons with your friends.

Can I Download This Gym of Mine on PC?

Yes, you can. Pokemon fans can get their hands on a version that doesn’t require an emulator here: Relic Castle

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