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What Is the Pokemon Odyssey ROM Hack? – Story, Release Date and More

What do you seek with this Pokemon title: the fame, fortune, or the unknown?

by Ashley Anthony
Pokemon Odyssey | Pokémon FireRed ROM hack

What is the Pokemon Odyssey ROM hack? This title is a Pokémon FireRed ROM hack. It’s a new unofficial Pokemon GBA game crossover between Pokemon, Made in Abyss, and Etrian Odyssey. The game’s primary focus is the storyline. The main protagonist of this tale is Nyx, a young girl living on the islands of Fibernia. 

The objective is to get to Talrega Island, where you’ll find the entrance to the Yggdrasil labyrinth. This is a maze filled with loads of treasures that attract many adventurers from all over. As Nyx the adventure, your ultimate pursuit is to challenge the labyrinth.

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Pokemon Odyssey Rom Hack | beta v1.5 | New characters
Photo Credit: Poke Community

What’s Cooking in Pokemon Odyssey?

Pokemon Odyssey has some good features that are pretty interesting and things we’ve wanted from other titles:

Characters in Pokemon Odyssey:

  • Nyx – Main protagonist
  • Aimee, Nyx’s older sister – Adventurers Guild
  • Ethan – Travels with Nyx on her quest
  • Olympia – Travels with Nyx on her quest

Let’s look at some of the gameplay features of Pokemon Odyssey and what’s new:

Gameplay Features of Odyssey:

  • New storyline and region,
  • Double battles only (Unless you have one Pokemon in your Pokedex),
  • New Characters, 
  • New Monsters,
  • Gathering points,
  • Naval exploration between islands,
  • Shop upgrades,
  • Mining,
  • Wonder Trade,
  • Sidequests and a sidequest menu,
  • Fiction Pokemon Foes (FOEs),
  • Available mons: Gen 1 to 3, Gen 4 evolutions and extras,
  • Friends Team up and play online multiplayer for in-game challenges,
  • A rebalanced of all Pokemon,
  • Increase in shiny rate,
  • There are no Gym leaders, no evil team, no Elite Four, 
  • New soundtrack and much more.
Pokemon Odyssey | New Features
Photo Credit: Poke Community

Side note: bosses and minibosses have better Effort Values (EVs) that will scale with progression in hard mode. Furthermore, moves, held items, and the number of Pokemon in their teams may change. There is also a soft-level cap active where you cannot use healing items during battles.

How to Download Pokemon Odyssey

The Beta 1.5 version was released on December 20, 2022, and is available for download now. The instructions below will explain what’s required to download and play Pokemon Odyssey:

“You’ll need NUPS and a clean 1636 – Pokémon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels) rom. It is also recommended to use mGBA 0.9.2 or mGBA 0.10.0. Beta v1.5 ends at the beginning of the Third Stratum.”

(Via: pokecommunity.com)

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