Nintendo’s Pokémon universe spans many different regions and includes hundreds of different kinds of Pokémon. There are millions of people who’ve been playing the franchise since the early days of Red and Blue, and every trainer remembers the mistakes they made.  With that in mind, avoid making the same mishaps while playing Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire for 3DS and 2DS. 

Ignoring Pokémon you find along the way 

Catching Pokémon is one of the biggest aspects to the franchise.  To fully learn about these creatures, you must catch and train them all.  Many new trainers may only catch certain Pokémon based on moves, type, looks or some other aspect.  If you want to be a better trainer, you need to experiment using different teams of Pokémon, and the only way to do that is to capture every new battle monster you see. Don’t leave new ones behind, as these Pokémon may prove useful later on in the game. 

Training your Pokémon… or not 

Aside from catching the Pokémon, you must also train them as well.  It is a great feeling watching your starter Pokémon level up and evolve to its highest form as you go along on your journey.  Training your starter is easy, but evenly training all of your Pokémon poses a greater challenge.  Avoid training and leveling up only one or two Pokémon in your party.  Exp Share helps evenly level up your Pokémon, but it only gives you half of the experience that you would get from a normal battle. It is best to constantly rotate which Pokémon you battle with so you have a balanced team.  It is much easier to beat gym leaders or the Elite Four with a lot of Pokémon hovering around the same levels instead of one really strong Pokémon and five weaker ones.  

Creating an unbalanced team

Building on that last point, it also helps to properly balance your team with different types of Pokémon that know varying move sets. Having all of the same type of Pokémon puts you at a disadvantage, and the same goes for only knowing one move type.  In these games, it helps to have a good balance and be able to counter Pokémon you have a type disadvantage to.  For example, teaching a water type a ground move like Earthquake or Dig will help it against electric types

Forgetting to save 

This was more of a problem with the older Game Boy Pokémon games because of the handheld’s limitations, with many Pokémon trainers running out of battery life without saving. When they came back to the game with the batteries charged, they made the sad discovery that the five gyms they beat and the 20 Pokémon they caught were nowhere to be found.  Thankfully you’ll get several hours of battery life from the 3DS, providing you turn off glasses free 3D. 

Remembering to save is a common problem.  You get very enthralled in the experience and saving data is the last thing on your mind.  Usually after an experience like the one described, you will remember to save constantly.  It’s a good habit to get into, and you should always save before big events like gym battles or after you catch a Pokémon. Perhaps most importantly, save your progress before facing a rare Pokémon. If you accidentally make it faint, you can load the save game and try again. 

To save, tap X and choose Save to reach the Save menu. This screen also displays the Gym Badges you collected and Pokémon in your party. 

To delete a save file in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, press and then hold B + X and Up on the control pad while at the title screen. Keep in mind that once you delete a file it’s gone. 

Not exploring the Hoenn region 

Geography is very important in all Pokémon games.  While these adventures follow a specific path and order in terms of the gym leaders you face, there is a lot of exploration and backtracking along the way. It is very important to learn the map and where certain towns and landmarks are located in Hoenn.  In addition, keep notes on where certain people are for side quests and Pokémon trades.  Put that and other useful pieces of info in your notebook.

Along with learning about towns and landmarks, stray off the beaten path.  Exploration is key to becoming a successful trainer.  Sometimes there are crossroads or places that you can’t reach with the equipment you currently have.  Many new trainers will forget about these places or go straight from city to city. Exploring the land gives you a chance to find new Pokémon, items or new moves that can be very useful.