Is Lies of P Hard? – Difficulty Explained

You might not need to stock up on extra controllers for this one.

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Souls-likes have a particular reputation that follows them in every step they take; they’re extremely difficult games that require tons of memorization and practice before you can start accomplishing much of anything. War stories have been passed around the Prima virtual offices, with every player sharing their thoughts on why they are or are not their favorite genre of games. However, with Lies of P taking a classic tale and winding it into a tight package, does it loosen up on its morals and drop the difficulty, or will you struggle to fight off these massive monsters with the best of them?

Is Lies of P A Difficult Game?

While Lies of P takes its general vibe and atmosphere from Bloodborne, it doesn’t take its whole level of difficulty along with it. Lies of P is still challenging in every regard, but it’s one of the easier Souls-likes available on the market. I’m admittedly trash at most Souls games, but I find the less frantic pace rather refreshing overall. There is still a tremendous challenge to overcome, but it doesn’t feel as frustratingly difficult as the first time I faced off against Father Gascoigne.

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It took me just a few tries to get past the Parade Master, the first skill check that the game throws your way, which is a drastic improvement over my previous Souls experiences. The next chapter proved to have some more difficult enemies, but I have not found myself dying as much as I usually would in these types of games.

Overall, I would be confident to say that Lies of P is on the more approachable side of the spectrum when compared to its inspiration, making it slightly more accessible to the general audience that is looking to experience this grim retelling of the classic fairytale. Be sure to check out our Lies of P section below if you’re hoping to survive this experience, and find out if you can change your difficulty level before embarking on this epic quest.

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