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How to Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on PC

Raising atrocities has never been so fun

by Patrick Souza

If you ever spent a few minutes of your life creating the most obnoxious Pokemon fusions at one of those fusion sites, you probably also heard of Pokemon Infinite Fusion, the game that makes all (or at least a good part) of those atrocities a playable reality. This unofficial hackrom title, based on Gen III, games is really impressive due to its insane amount of details and sheer roster of playable creatures, with over 170,000 possible combinations for Pokemons.

And unless you’re running a Mac system, it’s quite easy to pick it up and start your unholy journey with your Pikazard or Charichu, whichever you choose to make. If not, there are also some ways to run it on non-Windows systems. Here’s everything you need to do to play it for free on your PC.

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How To Install and Play Pokemon Infinite Fusion on PC

The game can be downloaded directly at the PokeCommunity forums or you can just use this direct mirror. If that last one didn’t work for you, try this one instead. After completing the download and unzipping all folders, just hit the Pokemon Infinite Fusion executable file to start playing.

As soon as you launch the game, press F1 to open the keybind menu and customize it to your liking. The game doesn’t have controller support, but you can still use them by using external programs (such as Joy2Key) to assign keyboard keys to each of your controller buttons.

Screenshot by Prima Games

As there’s no automatic launcher programmed, you’ll need to download every new patch manually, so be sure to hang around the game’s official Discord to know whenever a new update drops. Installing the patch is quite simple, as all you have to do is:

  • Download the newest patch update (link should be provided on the forums or Discord) and extract all files in a new folder
  • Copy the new folder files into your main Pokemon Infinite Fusion folder (let Windows overwrite your previous files)
  • Launch the game

If you did everything correctly, the game should be at the newest version now, and you’ll need to repeat the process every time a new update arrives. It’s bothersome but simple.

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