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Delivering Devils Guide Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games.

How to Complete Delivering Devils in Starfield

Debts before Terrormorphs

Terrormorphs are starting to appear in younger settlements, and that means it is up to you to complete the Delivering Devils mission and get the sample to Percival in Starfield. However, finding Percival isn’t easy, and you’ll have plenty of hoops to jump through when you arrive on Mars.

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Starting Delivering Devils in Starfield

Delivering Devils is the third mission in the UC Vanguard side missions. You’ll start it after completing your probationary mission, Grunt Work, when talking to Commander Tuala at the MAST District on Jemison. Tuala is more than a little surprised that you managed to take down a Terrormorph and retrieve a sample from it. Upon hearing that there may be more, he gives you the clearance to take the sample to Dr. Walker.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to complete the Delivering Devils quest in Starfield, with a more in-depth guide below:

  • Speak to Oktai Enbayar at the Trade Authority on Mars.
  • Speak to Lou at the Sixth Circle bar and gain his trust.
  • Speak to Cambridge Cooper.
  • Go to the Abandoned Mines west of Cydonia on Mars.
  • Gather Hematite and descend the mines while taking out Spacers.
  • Use the comms device in the small lab in the Deep Mines.
  • Grab the Employee Exit key on the research machine and exit through the elevator.
  • Give the Hematite research to Cambridge at the Sixth Circle.
  • Bring the research to Oktai and sell him on the Pick-Me-Up drug.
  • Clear Percival’s debt.
  • Speak to Lou in the Sixth Circle.
  • Fast travel back to the entrance of the Deep Mines.
  • Follow the tunnels to the Red Devil’s HQ.
  • Tell Percival about the Terrormorphs.
  • Bring Percival back to the Sixth Circle to speak with Hadrian.

How to Ask About Percival at the Trade Authority in Starfield

You can find the Trade Authority on Mars within the Cydonia underground city. As soon as you enter Cydonia, you can find Oktai Enbayar on the right-hand side of your current floor. Speak to him and ask what he knows about Dr. Percival Walker. Of course, he has almost no information to provide, but he can at least point you in the right direction.

Map of Mars in Starfield
Head to Cydonia for Delivering Devils (Screenshot by Prima Games).

There is a group of miners that hang out at the Sixth Circle, which is a separate bar on a different level of Cydonia. They are the ones who know where you can truly find Percival. However, their information won’t come free, and their trust is already hard enough to earn.

Speak to the Miners at the Sixth Circle in Starfield

Your next stop in the Delivering Devils mission is the Sixth Circle bar, which you can reach by taking the elevator in Cydonia down to level P2. The Sixth Circle isn’t far, and inside, you will find a bunch of rough guys having a few drinks. If you speak to the first patron, you won’t learn anything, but at least Lou is there.

Lou at a bar in Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

Eventually, Lou is there to give you answers, but first, you need to earn his trust. Your best course of action is to tell him you are part of the UC Vanguard and that reaching Percival is important for nearly all human life in the galaxy. To prove you aren’t a liar, you need to answer two of his simple questions.

Lou’s Questions and Answers in Delivering Devils (Starfield):

  • What is the Vanguard Motto? – “Above and Beyond.”
  • What grade did you get in your Entrance Exam? A, B, C, or a D? – The Vanguard Entrance isn’t graded like that.

After answering the questions, Lou will tell you that Percival is in trouble with the Trade Authority. Yes, this somehow wraps back to Oktai at the start. Percival is wrapped up in tons of debt, and Lou wants you to settle some of the debt before he gives you a location. In the Delivering Devils mission, you have three methods to work with.

Should You Pay Off Percival’s Debt, Wipe His Debt, or Kill The Spacer Leader in the Deep Mines

You should absolutely kill the Spacer Leader in the Deep Mines and clear out that area instead of dealing with Percival’s debt directly. Cambridge Cooper will give you the Deep Mine option after speaking to Lou, and it’s much better than the other two. If you decide to break into the Trade Authority and wipe out the debt, you run the risk of getting caught. And you also need at least one rank in the Security Skill for locks.

Cambridge Copper leaning against a wall in the Sixth Circle in Starfield
Cambridge Cooper is in the Sixth Circle (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Paying off the debt right away might sound easy, but you need at least 21,000 Credits to do so. We don’t know how much pirating you might have already pulled off, so we can’t tell you it’s impossible. All we know is we spent about 98% of our hard-earned Credits on a new ship before Delivering Devils and we weren’t wiping that debt.

Left-hand wall behind the Broken Spear used to break into the Trade Authority in Starfield
Head behind the Broken Spear to break into the Trade Authority (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Clearing the Deep Mine allows you to save Credits and keep the peace with the Trade Authority. On top of that, you eventually need to clear out the Abandoned Mines anyway if you want to reach Percival.

How to Kill the Spacer Leader in the Deep Mines in Starfield

To kill the Spacer Leader in Delivering Devils, you need to find the Abandoned Mines directly west of Cydonia on Mars. You can easily walk to the location, and when you get to the mines, you will find some small structures guarded by a handful of Spacers. Along the way, I highly recommend using your Cutter to gather any Hematite rocks. You are going to need them later.

Deep Mines map for the Delivering Devils quest in Starfield
Deep Mines map on Mars (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Once you reach the Abandoned Mines, head inside and take out the next group of Spacers. They lead to one more door, which is the true Deep Mines. The Spacer Leader and Percival’s hiding place are both there, but you need to help Cambridge first.

Continue descending until you find the Spacer Leader in the Deep Mines. Make sure the leader and all the cannon fodder Spacers are dealt with. After taking a quick breather, you can head to the small lab where Cambridge Cooper was running experiments for the Pick-Me-Up drug. This is where you need the Hematite.

Player character shooting the Space Leader in the Deep Mines in Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

In the small lab, use the comms device on the wall to communicate with Cambridge. He will tell you to place the Hematite sample into the machine in the lab. Once it runs the sample, you can grab the drug and Cambridge’s Research. Don’t forget to grab the Employee Exit key on the research machine. I used it to access the elevator in the same room and leave from the secret entrance.

Employee Exit key sitting atop a research machine in Starfield
Screenshot by Prima Games

That entrance comes into play once you bring the research back to Cambridge, so don’t loop all the way back to the front of the mines.

How to Clear Percival’s Debt in Starfield (Delivering Devils)

Clear Percival’s debt by giving the Hematite research to Cambridge Cooper at the Sixth Circle on Cydonia. He will tell you how to make the Pick-Me-Up drug, which you can then use as leverage with the Trade Authority. Bring the research and a sales pitch back to Oktai on the top floor of Cydonia where the Delivering Devils mission begins.

Oktai Enbayear at a desk in Starfield
Speak to Oktai once again (Screenshot by Prima Games)

Sell Oktai on the Pick-Me-Up drug, and he will ask what you want in return. Tell him you want Percival Walker’s debt cleared. Oktai will accept the deal and even throw in 1,800 Credits so you don’t feel like you were scammed. Now, you can head back down to the Sixth Circle and speak to Lou for the final step in the mission.

Where to Find Percival in Starfield

Percival can be found in the old Red Devil’s HQ, which is in the Abandoned Mines west of Cydonia on Mars. This is the same mine that you had to clear out if you helped Cambridge Cooper. You can find a map of the Deep Mines further above, but it’s only about 500 meters west of the Mars settlement.

Tunnel to the Red Devils HQ in Starfield
Percival’s entrance (Screenshot by Prima Games)

For those of you who helped Cambridge, simply fast-travel back to the entrance you used to leave the Deep Mines last time. You can take the elevator back down and take a right after leaving the lab. There is a massive tunnel that you can follow. It eventually leads to an even darker tunnel where the Red Devils HQ is hidden.

Percival Walker on the steps of the old  Red Devil's HQ in Starfield
Dr. Percival Walker (Screenshot by Prima Games)

On the steps of the HQ, you will find Percival. Finally, the hunt is over. Tell him all about the Terrormorphs, and he will bring you to his lab inside. This section only takes a few minutes, and after you tell him that Hadrian sent you with the sample, he will want to speak with her back at the Sixth Circle.

Bring Percival back to Cydonia and have one final conversation with Hadrian and Walker to finish the Delivering Devils quest in Starfield.

If you’re looking for more walkthroughs on surprisingly long missions, check out my guide on how to complete Into the Unknown in Starfield.

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