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How to Change Your Profile Name Color in Honkai: Star Rail

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by Patrick Souza

Some dialogue in Honkai: Star Rail will occasionally have some different colors to highlight its most important parts. This implies that various font colors were included in the game for everyone to use, so people started messing around with that. Eventually, they discovered that your username and bio description could, indeed, have different colors as long as you used the correct prompt for that.

The principle is very easy but, unless you did it as soon as the thought crossed your head, it might be simply unavailable for players from now on. Here’s how to change your profile name color in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Edit Your Profile Name Color in Honkai: Star Rail

Long story short, you cannot do it anymore as this feature/exploit has been patched out by Hoyoverse. You might still see various players in your friend list or Support players with their usernames colored in blue, with their bios coming in various different colors as they have kept those even after the mini-update went through.

This will most likely also be removed in a further patch, so enjoy while you can if you were one of the lucky few who managed to do it. Hoyoverse bonking us with the no-fun hammer once again. 

Anyways, the trick was as simple as you could imagine. All you had to do is to drop an HTML color code on your username and boom, cooler profile unlocked. For a blue username, you would just use <a> Username here </a> and check it out. Bios work the same, but you could use any color thanks to the longer character limit. An example would be as below:

Screenshot by Prima Games

The “#” bit is where you drop a color code. The one used above turns text into a Teal shade, for example. You can find those codes by Googling “html color codes” and clicking on the first non-suspicious link you see. 

Commands like <s> Username here </s> would also work to strike through your text like that. But as for now, all of these code commands are unavailable, possibly forever. Can’t have good things I suppose.

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Can I Get Banned for Changing My Profile Color?

Since this was immediately patched out as soon as word about it got out, it’s easy to assume that this is clearly an exploit, which could result in a temporary ban from playing the game. This method could also be used to bypass the system and include censored words in your bio, something that’s definitely not allowed.

Particularly, I don’t think Hoyoverse would personally hunt each and every person who just wanted to have a cooler profile for a while, but it might be safer to remove your edited texts from your profile if you really value your account. 

After having their colored names for a while, some players have reported that whenever someone would mention their colored name in dialogue, the game would crash since their name is now a code instead of simple text. Others have reported receiving emails when trying to use the exploit after it has been patched like in this Reddit thread. No punishments were applied yet, but it’s never a good thing to be warned that you’re trying to inflict a ToS.

If players eventually get punished, it might not even go as far as restricting their access to the game for a while, but it might be better to avoid any complications whatsoever. 

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