How to Change Your FOV in Starfield Without Mods

Point of view matters.

how to change FOV in starfield
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It’s not uncommon for game developers to overlook certain options that are important to the community. However, the PC modding community always manages to find a way to tweak a newly released game to their liking. In the case of Starfield, the Field of View (FoV) is hard-locked, meaning there is no way to adjust it through the game’s options. This begs the question – is there a way to change the FoV without using mods? The good news is that there is a simple workaround that involves creating a text file. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to change the FoV in Starfield without the need for mods.

How to Change your Field of View (FoV) in Starfield on PC

If you’re playing Starfield on PC, you may have noticed that there’s no official Field of View (FoV) slider in the game’s options. However, as a seasoned FPS player, I prefer higher FoVs, and low ones can make me feel nauseous. Luckily, there’s a way to create a small configuration file that will let the game know what field-of-view angle you prefer. In this guide, I’ll explain how to change your FoV in Starfield on PC.

  • Navigate to: This PC -> Documents -> My Games -> Starfield OR C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\Documents\My Games\Starfield

In there, you will see two folders: “Data” and “Saves.” Here, you need to create a new .ini file and name it StarfieldCustom.ini. The file can be created by making a .txt file (right-click and make a new text document). In this file, input these lines of code:

[Camera]  fFPWorldFOV=X  fTPWorldFOV=X

After you save the .txt file, you need to change the extension of the file. If you do not see it in your Windows Explorer, enable it in the View section.

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I have put 100 FoV for myself to test it out, as seen in the following screenshots:

Screenshots by Prima Games

Can You Change Your Field of View (FoV) in Starfield on Console?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your FoV in Starfield on console yet. Bethesda may hear the desire of their community and add this option at a later date.

If you would rather use a mod to adjust your field-of-view in Starfield on PC, here’s how.

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