Dying Light is the feel good game of February, a survival horror adventure where you crack zombie skulls and make death defying leaps using hero Kyle Crane’s parkour moves. You don’t play this title as much as you get lost in its richly detailed world, to the point where you split time existing in reality and the plagued virtual city of Harran.

Part of the appeal is the option to pick up a plethora of weapons and use items to make them stronger, transforming an ordinary police baton into a shock stick. Considering the odds are overwhelmingly against you, the temptation to stuff Crane’s pockets with baseball bats, oars and machetes is almost impossible to resist. 

That is, unless you consider yourself a hardcore gamer who doesn’t need an assault rifle or sledgehammer to get his or her point across. Turns out, you can beat Dying Light without any weapons whatsoever, save for Kyle’s fists and feet. In fact, YouTuber BOYvsVIDEOGAME pulled it off in remarkable fashion. 

With that in mind, we have tips for beating Dying Light without melee and ranged weapons. 

Craft lots of med kits

No use wasting components on Molotov cocktails and other useless junk. You’ll need as many med kits as Kyle can carry, so focus your attention on crafting these health boosting items whenever the necessary parts are available.  

Keep a close eye on Kyle’s health 

Let’s face it, you’ll be on the receiving end of some punishment by foregoing weapons altogether. Enemies don’t share your ambition and will open fire the moment Kyle walks into range, so always be aware of how much health he has remaining, and press Down on the d-pad to use a med kit when in danger. 

Max out Kyle’s Perks 

Despite not using traditional weapons, you’ll still earn skill points from using parkour throughout Harran (Agility), pummeling zombie heads into mush (Power) and crafting things (Survivor). From there, cash in those skill points to unlock a wealth of different moves that’ll transform Kyle into an instrument of destruction. 

Agility perks improve parkour while granting access to different moves. In particular, the Dropkick Bomb, Leg Breaker and Health Regen.  Meanwhile, Power perks like Kick Stun, Ground Pound and Takedown (kill enemies from behind) add new tricks to Kyle’s arsenal. Without these perks, you won’t even see the middle of Dying Light’s campaign. 

Use cover, then pick and choose your battles 

When it comes to enemies with guns, keep your distance and use cover to avoid taking damage. Throw firecrackers to distract both human and zombie foes, then sneak behind your adversaries and perform executions. 

Against guys with melee weapons, punch and dropkick like crazy. In addition, grapple and throw bad guys around, and dodge to avoid getting hit. 

You don’t want to battle multiple enemies at one time, so do your best to isolate and then take them down. And remember, it’s OK to run away and regroup. 

Unlock safe zones 

This piece of advice rings true regardless of whether you use weapons in Dying Light or not. The more safe zones you have access to, the easier it’ll be to get out of harm’s way and avoid getting caught in a bad situation at night; don’t even try to punch a Volatile.   

Get him on the ground 

Enemies are most vulnerble from behind and most importantly on the floor. Once you take away a human or zombie’s legs punch like crazy, preferably in the head. Do whatever it takes to prevent this enemy from getting vertical. 

Exercise patience 

Watch these videos for only a few moments and you’ll notice the player dies quite a bit. This is expected considering the enemies you’ll face in Dying Light only get stronger the further you progress. Respawn at the nearest Safe Zone and try again.

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