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Fae Farm Farm Image
Image via Phoenix Labs

Five Things You Need to Know Before Starting Fae Farm

Purchased Fae Farm and Ready to Fly In? Prep Your Wings with These Five Useful Tips.

With Fae Farm releasing, players are eager to jump into the game and explore the colorful world of Azoria. But not only are the colors plentiful, but the gameplay elements are vast too. So, before you dive into the game headfirst, here are five tips to get you started in Fae Farm on the right foot.

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Five Helpful Tips Before You Start Fae Farm

Fae Farm is jam-packed with things to do, and with days that pass too quickly, it can be useful to have an idea of what to expect before you jump in. Here are five nuggets of wisdom to take with you as you begin your magical journey.

1) Multiplayer Works Better When Fae Farm is Started Together

If you are thinking about playing the game with a friend or group of people. It is a good idea to decide on this before you begin. Starting at the same time allows each player to level up at the same pace, obtain unlocks together, progress the story, and explore the world in the same manner. If you play in this way, it is a good idea to only play together. If the host plays without the other players and continues to level up and unlock content, the other players will have to play catch up when they play again.

Whilst this isn’t necessarily bad, it can become a frustrating experience when instead of being able to show off your spelunking abilities in all of their glory, you have to go back and complete previous quests to gain access. Having other players drop into my playthrough was a fun novelty, but the limitations make it just that, a novelty.

Accessing multiplayer itself is a simple process. You will need to click on the in-game menu and navigate to the Multiplayer option. Once selected, you will need to make a Phoenix Labs account. This is a simple process that can be done in-game, even on the Nintendo Switch. From there, create the account, and then share your username with your friend so that you can add one another. Once done, the host will go back to the main menu, select Multiplayer, and has the option to invite up to four players on their Phoenix Labs Friends List who are online.

2) Crafting is Low Stakes So Go Crazy Exploring Fun Designs

Fae Farm Crafting
Screenshot by Prima Games

Crafting is a simple process in Fae Farm. I mean, after you gather all of the necessary ingredients of course. To access Build Mode simply push down to access it whilst in your Homestead or surrounding fields. Press down once again to access the Build Catalog which provides five categories of items that you can craft from, as well as the materials needed to do so. Simply click on an item that you want to craft and done! You do not need to continue to enter the menu for items you need to place multiple for such as rugs, fences, and flower beds. Simply continue to press A to place the item. You can even do this whilst running! Talk about convenience.

On top of this, if you ever misplace an item, or no longer want it. You can enter build mode, go near it so that it is automatically selected, and then press Reclaim. Doing so will remove the item, and you will receive the materials that you used to craft it back. This is such a great quality-of-life feature as I know personally in previous games, I have not wanted to craft more basic items at the start of the game for fear of wasting resources. This is not an issue in Fae Farm as when you’re ready to place better items, you can simply get everything back from the previous ones.

3) You’ve Got Four Farms, but Don’t Fret as Animal Care is Easy

Fae Farm Animal Barn
Screenshot by Prima Games

Fae Farm kicks it up a notch as by the end of the game, you will have four homesteads to maintain. At first, I thought this was quite the request as I struggled to find time to look after the little farm that I had. However, as you progress you unlock gameplay mechanics that make it easier to do this. You will definitely want to do this as each barn houses two different species of livestock. So, if you want the resources that they offer, you need to fill up every barn.

The first one isn’t specific to the animals themselves, but when you have two dungeons under your belt, you will be able to craft seals that will allow you to fast travel all over the map, including directly to your homesteads. This saves a lot of time as you can quickly pop in and out.

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On top of that, the animals more-or-less can care for themselves. As long as the weather is nice, they will let themselves out to frolic in the sun, and if you plant their fodder of choice, they will feed themselves. You can upgrade the trough in each barn so that it can hold a total of 10 fodder for each animal. This means that you only need to replenish it every 1.5 weeks. Which cuts down on your time. As of the time of writing, once my animals all reached max happiness, I stopped wasting my precious in-game minutes petting them, and so far, they have not lost any happiness without their daily pets or brushes.

4) Don’t Feel Bad About Playing the Field

Fae Farm Romance Date
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can date all of the eight potential marriage candidates at once, and I would encourage you to do so! Look, some of the most interesting and heartwarming information about the NPC’s are shared during these dating scenes. It’s worth doing so that you can understand each character more.

From the beginning, I’ve only had eyes for Nhamashal. As soon as he demonstrated the slightest ounce of tsundere personality, I knew that he was the one for me. Now, I’m rewarded as I get to see that unravel during these moments. I have no doubts that I’m going to wed that hunky elf, but let me tell you, I will listen to all of the other NPC’s life stories, hopes, and dreams too.

It’s easy to date them, and you will find the residents of this town falling for you just because you said hello to them or delivered them a Common Moth that they desperately need for something that is probably best to not think about too much. They will take this as flirting, and eventually ask you on a date. You have the option of accepting or turning them down. If you like, you can play the game with no romantic interest at all.

5) Avoid Combat with This One Weird Trick!

Fae Farm Saltwater Mine Jumbles
Screenshot by Prima Games

I suppose that it’s not exactly weird or a trick at all. The developers have openly stated that they want you to be able to play the game in the way that works best for your own personal enjoyment, and that has been very apparent during my time with it. One of the ways that they have done this is the make combat optional in dungeons. This is a good thing overall as generally some people enjoy combat in farming sims, and some people just want a cozy experience, so why not have both options in one?

To avoid combat entirely, you need to brew potions to make yourself invisible to the Jumbles around you. This is so nice as you can collect resources in the late dungeons without being harassed by a floating instrument every thirty seconds. There are other potions that also improve the experience, and they can all be crafted by the player, as long as you have the necessary ingredients, which come from critters and natural resources.

Fae Farm is a unique farming sim that takes aspects of many other games in the genre and adds its own unique flair. You’ll see all it has to offer when you dive deep and make your way through the Saltwater Mines and the Floating Ruins.

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