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Starfield Starter Ship
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While Starfield already features an astounding number of quests, factions, items, spaceships, and planets to explore, there’s always room for more. At least, that’s the thinking behind the extensive mod community growing behind the scenes of any Bethesda RPG. Starfield is no different, with so many unique game modifications available to download. But what are the best Starfield mods this early on? Let’s find out!

The Best Starfield Mods Available Right Now

It’s of no surprise to anyone that the modding community that worked so tirelessly on Skyrim and Fallout 4 has continued the tradition in Starfield. The game is still brand-new, in its infancy stage, and yet there are pages upon pages of mods available on Nexus Mods.

Here are a few of the best Starfield mods out now!

Starfield Performance Optimizations

While Starfield is likely Bethesda’s most stable and bug-free game to release, it still has a few optimization concerns where the modding community is concerned. That’s all fixed with the Starfield Performance Optimizations mod by Erok.

It’s a simple game mod with a quick download that ensures Starfield runs smoothly with a significant boost to FPS on almost any system imaginable. This mod can help you squeeze a few more frames even if you run a potato computer.

Achievement Enabler

Despite offering predominantly single-player role-playing games to the masses, Bethesda is rather particular about modding and earning in-game achievements. The moment you open the console or mod the game, the game’s achievements are turned off entirely.

That is unless you download the always-available Achievement Enabler for Starfield. Like in Skyrim and Fallout 4, this mod reenables game achievements even with mods installed. It does this while ensuring your save file is not flagged as modded.

Of course, with a mod like this, any update Bethesda Game Studios releases will likely break Achievement Enabler, which means waiting on updates from the mod developer.

Quantum Reshade

Starfield Quantum Reshade
Image via Quantum Reshade Mod

While Starfield is a beautiful game in some spots, others require some additional effort from the modding community to enhance. That’s where Quantum Reshade enters the picture.

Quantum Reshade enhances the graphics of Starfield by implementing what they call “groundbreaking imaging tech” and “emulation-ReShade.” As you can see from the screenshot above, the game appears far more immersive and realistic than ever before.

Unfortunately, this type of game modification requires a high-end computer to run successfully.

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Immersive Damage

The Immersive Damage game mod does exactly what it says on the tin; it makes the game’s damage and combat more immersive and hardcore. Right now, Starfield suffers from bullet-sponge enemies that may take an entire magazine from an assault rifle to kill. That’s not a lot of fun, though.

With Immersive Damage installed and configured to meet your personal preferences and standards, a single round to the dome may be enough to take down a Spacer.

Of course, the mod creator, CnRJay, also went ahead and altered the values of spaceship weaponry. As such, space combat will feel more frantic and deadlier than before.

Nicolas Cage Flashlight

Starfield Nicolas Cage Flashlight Mod
Image via Nicolas Cage Flashlight Mod

It’s important to remember that Starfield is a video game. Video games were designed for us to have fun and lose ourselves for a little bit. That’s why mods like the Nicolas Cage Flashlight prove most effective, as they add a little silliness to an otherwise serious space-faring adventure.

Now, when you’re rescuing scientists from a spacer ambush in a dark, dank research center, Nicolas Cage is by your side through thick and thin. You can find comfort in knowing his bright, shiny face illuminates darkness!

Easy Digipick

Starfield Easy Digipick Mod
Image via Easy Digipick Mod

Lastly, we have Easy Digipick, which altogether removes the lockpicking minigame in Starfield. I know many people prefer the old lockpicking method from past Bethesda Game Studios titles, but sometimes change isn’t a bad thing.

If you’re the complete opposite, however, and absolutely abhor the new lockpicking minigame in Starfield, then here you go! Easy Digipick will remove the minigame to an extent. You still have to complete a few puzzle-like connections to open a lock, but they’re straightforward.

While Starfield mods make for a ton of fun, don’t forget to keep an out for new guides from Prima Games, like How to Get to The Key in Starfield!

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