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Trophy Hunter Diablo

All Extremely Rare Monster Locations in Diablo 4

15 heads to collect, all for a new title

As you’ve traveled Sanctuary, you’ve likely encountered strange, named enemies who drop unique items. These are Extremely Rare Monsters, connected with a challenge in-game. Here’s how to find all Extreme Rare Monsters in Diablo 4.

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All Extremely Rare Monster Locations in Diablo 4 (Trophy Hunter Guide)

If you’re seeking the Poacher and Treasure Hunter challenges in Diablo 4, you’ll need to find the fifteen extremely rare monsters around the game. If these elusive foes, who have set spawn points, are in your vicinity, a blinking white star will appear on your mini-map.

Generally, these monsters will spawn or respawn quickly, usually after a five to fifteen minute wait. If you’ve waited that long and do not see the Extremely Rare Monster in its spawn zone, it might be best to check back the next day. This worked for me with Gaspar Stilbian.

Note that all stats on items have a range, so stats reported here may differ from the equipment that drops for you.

Garbhan Ennai Location in Scosglen

Screenshot via Prima Games

Garbhan Ennai, aptly titled The Butcher of Cerrigar, is just outside of the holy city to the far right. If you look closely at the map where he spawns, you’ll see that in the field there’s a red spot. That’s where he’ll be.  

Garbhan is an aggressive enemy with the Vampiric buff, which means he’ll heal periodically when he does damage to you. He will also leap at you like an executioner. Get him to half-health and he’ll reveal his true form — a werewolf.

Garbhan Ennai location on map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Manhunter’s Breeches.

Manhunter’s Breeches Stats

  • 696 Armor
  • While injured, your potion also grants 30% movement speed for 2 seconds
  • +2 Ranks of Rabies (Druid Only)
  • 17.0% Damage for 4 seconds after killing an Elite
  • +9.0% Healing Received

Gaspar Stilbian Location in Scosglen

Gaspar Stilbian Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

A few miles to the east of Cerrigar is the inn Under the Fat Goose. You can find Gaspar by going east from the inn’s waypoint. Gaspar Stilbian is an outcast monk who refuses to fight you. Not only will he refuse to fight you, but he’ll also follow you around the area he spawns in. It’s rare to see a friendly enemy in Diablo 4 but killing him is necessary for this challenge.

Gaspar Stilbian locaiton on map Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Outcast’s Handwraps.

Outcast’s Handwraps Stats

  • 327 Armor
  • +2 Ranks of Incinerate (Sorcerer Only
  • 5.0% Fire Damage Over Time
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a +14.0% Chance to Slow

Lord Eonan Location in Scosglen

Lord Eonan Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Lord Eonan is located at the border between the Dry Steppes and Scosglen. This dead, spear-pierced wizard is a Summoner, so kill him quickly to prevent him from bringing in more mobs.

Lord Eonan location on the Diablo 4 map.
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Blood-Cursed Band.

Blood Cursed Band Stats

  • 20.9% Shadow Resistance
  • 20.9% Poison Resistance
  • 5.5% Damage for 4 Seconds after picking up a Blood Orb
  • 11.5% Blood Orb healing
  • 16.0% Damage to Close Enemies

Blind Edlin Location in Scosglen

Blind Edlin Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Blind Edlin (or Blind Odwyn) is found in the Shrouded Moors of Scosglen, to the far right of the map. He’s extremely easy to kill, but if you’re not careful, you can miss him. To get him to spawn, you need to approach the trees he’s in. You won’t be able to see him, but once you get close to those dead trees, he’ll leap onto you.

Upon death, he’ll drop the Blind Man’s Bell.

Blind Man’s Bell Stats

  • 16.4% Resistance to all elements
  • 6.0% Control impaired duration reduction
  • 19.0% Damage reduction when injured
  • 17.0% Movement speed for 4 seconds after killing an elite

Sir Lynna Location in Fractured Peaks

Sir Lynna Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

What evil lurks in the shadow of the temple of light? Sir Lynna can be found in the Fractured Peak north of Kyovashad, and he wields a dark blade that’s tainted his soul. He’ll likely be kneeling when you first encounter him, which makes it very easy to get the first blow in.

Sir Lynna location on map Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Darkblade.

Darkblade Stats

  • 610 Damage Per Second
  • 9.0% Critical Strike Damage
  • 5.0% Shadow Damage
  • 7.0% Damage to affected by shadow damage over time enemies
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 4.4% chance to execute injured non-elites

Wrathful Osgar Reede Location in Fractured Peaks

Wrathful Osgar Reede Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Osgar Reede can be found in the Desolate Highlands just outside of Nostrava and to the West of Kyovashad. He’s quite tanky and capable of shooting out fire, so be mindful of your positioning.

Location of Wrathful Osgar Reed on Map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he drops the Mace of Blazing Furor.

Mace of Blazing Furor Stats

  • 570 Damage Per Second
  • 18.5% Overpower Damage
  • 5.0% Damage to Burning Enemies
  • 5.0% Damage while Berserking
  • 16.5% Overpower Damage

Rotsplinter Location in Fractured Peaks

Rotsplinter in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

If you really hate trees, now’s your time to get revenge. Rotsplinter is a giant, Plague-imbued tree you can find just to the left of Menestad in the Fractured Peaks. It packs quite a punch but will go down easily. This might be a bug, but it is possible for it to kill itself with its own poison.

Rotsplinter location on Diablo 4 map
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, Rotsplinter will drop the Ring of Splintered Wood.

Ring of Splintered Wood Stats

  • 20.4% Lightning Resistance
  • 20.4% Poison Resistance
  • 1.4% Critical Strike Chance
  • 4.5% Poison Damage
  • 10.0% Damage to Close Enemies

Corlin Hulle Location in Fractured Peaks

Corlin Hulle in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Found at the very top of Fractured Peaks, Corlin is a sorcerer capable of using both fire magic and duplication. He’s not called The Multiplictous for nothing. He’ll quickly summon two clones, and they’ll stand in a triangle formation, shooting waves of fire at you. You’ll need to kill all three.

Corlin Hulle location on map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Staff of Elemental Command.

Staff of Elemental Command Stats

  • 1,285 Damage Per Second
  • 25.0% Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies
  • 19.0% Fire Damage
  • 13.0 Lightning Damage
  • 11.00% Cold Damage

Zarozar the Mighty Location in Dry Steppes

Zarozar the Mighty in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

This bloodthirsty warrior is located in the Untamed Scarps of the Dry Steppes, to the right of Jirandai. And yet, he’s definitely not the strongest on this list. He has no special abilities.

Zarozar the Mighty location on map Diablo 4
Screenshots by Prima Games. Click to expand.

Upon death, he’ll drop the Bloodspiller’s Helm.

Bloodspiller’s Helm Stats

  • 861 Armor
  • 10.0% Damage while Berserking
  • +2 Ranks of Rupture
  • +57 Life on Kill

Pitiless Gur Location in Dry Steppes

Pitiless Gur in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Found in the Dry Steppes, Pitiless Gur is in Chamber Ridge just outside of the Whispering Vault Dungeon. When he spawns in, he’ll be encased in ice. Once he leaves his popsicle throne, he’ll start throwing a multitude of ice-based moves at you, along with some pretty powerful melee attacks. It’s better to kill him when he’s locked in his fortress of solitude.

Location of Pitiless Gur on map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop Gur’s Freezing Armor.

Gur’s Freezing Armor Stats

  • 1,015 Armor
  • 8.0% Cold Damage
  • 20.5% Cold Resistance
  • + 175 Thorns

Bhotak the Inevitable Location in Dry Steppes

Bhotak the Inevitable Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Bhotak the Inevitable is near the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold in the Dry Steppes. He can both conjure walls and teleport, and spawns in with a mob of Fallen. His go-to combo is to wall you in, teleport to you, and then do a jumping axe cut to your head.

Bhotak the inevitable location on map Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Necklace of Inevitability.

Necklace of Inevitability Stats

  • 15.4% Resistance to All Elements
  • 4.5% Critical Strike chance against injured enemies.
  • 13.0% damage reduction while injured
  • 8.5% Healing Received

Almunn Location in Dry Steppes

Almunn in Diablo 4

On the Western coast of the Dry Steppes is a massive Balrog called Almunn. However, do enough damage to Almunn and he’ll transform into Jebta, Bearer of the Blade. In his human form, he is much more manageable.

Amunn location on map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Infernal Edge.

Infernal Edge Stats

  • 1250 Damage Per Second
  • 25.0% Critical Strike Damage
  • +44 All Stats
  • 30.0% Damage to Injured Enemies
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 11.8% Chance to Execute Injured Elites

Renn Dayne and Claudia Dayne Location in Hawezar

Renn Dayne and Claudia Dayne in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

In the far east, in the Dismal Foothills of Hawezar is Renn Dayne. He’s hanging out by himself in a Barrier with a crossbow, but he’s not that tough of an opponent. Stay close to him and knock him out. But once he’s dead, his ancestor, Claudia, will shortly appear. Claudia prefers the sword and short-range attack, but she keeps the bubble, meaning you’ll have a short-range fight on your hands.

Renn Dayne and Claudia Dayne location on map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, the Dayne family will drop the Haunted Crossbow.

Haunted Crossbow Stats

  • 1,116 Damage Per Second
  • 23.0% Vulnerable Damage
  • 13.0% Shadow Damage
  • 20.0% Core Skill Damage
  • 21.0% Damage to Close Enemies

Enkil Location in Hawezar

Enkil in Diablo 4
Screenshot in Prima Games

On the Eastern Coast of Hawezar, in the Rotspill Delta, you’ll find cultists worshipping a statue of a snake monster. Approach and the statue will come alive, turning into Enkil, Animated Statue. Almost immediately, Enkil will summon pillars that will chain you if you come within range of them. Enkil’s ability to wall you in will ensure that you stay there. It can be a frustrating fight, but his health pool is fairly low.

Enkil location on map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, he’ll drop the Eye of Enkil.

Eye of Enkil Stats

  • 14.3% Resistance to all elements
  • 4.0% Crowd control duration
  • 14.0% Damage for 4 seconds after killing an elite
  • 6.5% shrine buff duration

Qinel Location in Kehjistan

Qinel in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

In the very bottom east of the map, to the right of the city Gea Kul, is our last Extremely Rare Monster: Qinel. Go into the desert and you’ll find Priestess Qin speaking to her followers. Speak to her three times and she’ll drop the holy act, revealing her true form – a Succubus. She’s capable of Shock skills and Teleporting, and her followers will also attack you.

Qinel location on map in Diablo 4
Screenshot via Prima Games

Upon death, she’ll drop Qin’s Captivating Eye.

Qin’s Captivating Eye Stats

  • 796 Damage Per Second
  • 5.5% Cooldown Reduction
  • 7.6% Lucky Hit Chance
  • Lucky Hit: Up to a 10+% chance to Slow
  • 3.5% Crowd Control Duration

Once you have all fifteen, you’ll get the Trophy Hunter Challenge!

As you’ve traveled Sanctuary killing the rarest of the rare, you’ve likely encountered a few Altars of Lilith. But what if you could have them all? Check out our guide on all Altar of Lilith locations here: All Altars of Lilith Locations in Diablo 4.

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