A Foxian Tale of the Haunted Event Guide & Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

Who you gonna call? Heliobus Busters!

Foxian Tale of the Haunted Event Screen with Guinaifen, Huohuo, and Sushang
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In the newest event for Honkai: Star Rail, trouble lurks on the Luofu. Ghosts and spirits run rampant, possessing people, causing trouble, and looking for a fight.

Banding together with famous streamer Guinaifen, Cloud Knight Sushang, and the Ten-Lords Commission Judge in charge of the Heliobus, Huohuo, it’s up to the Trailblazer once again to attempt to save the day. Using the guise of a ghost-busting website, this group will use the rumors spread online to capture the escaped Heliobus and spirits that escaped from the Furnace of Creation.  

The Foxian Tale of the Haunted Event Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

There are a lot of layers to unlock behind the ongoings of this event, between completing the main story, investigating each paranormal event that breaks out on the Luofu, and gaining greater buffs by challenging the Suppression Tower’s Exorcismal Chronicle. Here’s an overview of everything in the Foxian Tale of the Haunted Event and a guide on how best to complete those missions. 

Ghostly Grove

  • Ghost-Busting Gang Meeting Area
  • Ghostly Grove Event Screen in Honkai: Star Rail

The main source of the event is the Ghostly Grove. Guinaifen’s blog was started to record all of the ghost sightings and paranormal events happening on the Luofu. When one event picks up, it’s up to the Scooby Gang to investigate the event by dealing with the Heliobus and capturing it. To keep the public none the wiser, you’ll need to post after these events in the form of Breaking News, Mythopedias, or Hottest Scoops. Your choice doesn’t affect the final score much but will result in different replies within the post. The missions are also replaceable if you’d like to try for another angle on the story.

Completing the smaller missions will unlock the overall Story Mission, where Huohuo continues to look for Tail’s whereabouts. And with each Heliobus contained, the Luofu will be all the safer, and players will gain an Exorcismic to use in the next battle. 

Subscriber Base

Keep track of your subscribers to not only trigger the next main story event but also to gain rewards based on achieving certain goals. You can also check on previous posts and read the comments from this screen. By achieving higher goals, more missions will become available so that you’re able to raise your subscriber base even more and experience more ghostly events.

Exorcismal Chronicles

This round of domain challenges is the same as the Cirrus battle. Using Ultimates to steal back the Fiendfire from the enemy. By unlocking more events, players can get additional abilities to use when activating the Fiendfire with the button to the right of the screen, as indicated in the image below. 

How to Use Fiendfire in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games

The goal in each battle is to ensure that your enemy’s Fiendfire, which will appear as a Red Flame in the lineup, is not used in battle. Time your Ultimates whenever the Red Flame appears in the lineup, and the Red Flame will be claimed as your own, turning into a Green Flame and accumulating Energy for your Exorcism. Once the Exorcism is at full energy, select it so you can use the Buff in battle to ensure your victory better.

By challenging these domains, you can refine each buff and earn Gratuity Points that you can use to redeem rewards in the Subscription Plan. 

Subscription Plan

Subscription Plans Tree for Leveling in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games

The Subscription Plan can be accessed at the Meeting Place for the Ghost-Hunters and accumulates all the Gratuity Points the Hunters get for solving cases, capturing Heliobi, and challenging the Exorcismal Chronicle Domains. Leveling up the Plan, you unlock a whole reward tree that includes Stellar Jades, Leveling Materials, a Star Rail Pass, and more. 


  • Exorcismal Chronicles Locations in Honkai: Star Rail
  • Exorcismics List in Honkai: Star Rail

Exorcismics are the collections of different effects you gain through capturing different Heliobi around the Luofu. Unlocking these will grant you various buffs and damage types dealt to your enemies whenever you activate the Fiendfire amid battle. These buffs come in all types, such as AoE damage, Support, or by Impairing the enemy. Planning these around your team comps and pairing them against certain enemies will ensure your victory and all the rewards.

The Foxian Tale of the Haunted Rewards Listed in Honkai: Star Rail

How to Claim Hey Over Here Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail
Screenshot by Prima Games
  • x2310 Stellar Jades
  • x133 Traveler’s Guides
  • x60 Adventurers Logs
  • x74 Refined Aether
  • x70 Lost Crystal
  • x120 Relic Remains
  • x1,820,000 Credits
  • x21 Flower of Eternity 
  • x55 Sprout of Life
  • x1 Self-Modeling Resin
  • x2 Tracks of Destiny
  • x1 Star Rail Pass
  • Hey, Over Here Light Cone (Abundance)
  • x4 Exorcismal Fulu (Superimposement Materials)
  • Starfire Parkland Phone Wallpaper

(These are the base rewards received from completing Story Missions and the Achievements in the Event. More rewards can be gained by completing the domains within the story.)

There are lots of rewards that can be gained through the Foxian Tale of the Haunted both in the story, through the event, and even in side missions/challenges. For news and guides on Honkai: Star Rail, don’t forget to check out the game tag just below this article, and for upcoming characters in the 1.5 patch, hop on over to our guide introducing each one.

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