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5 Letter Words That Start With RU

Help for today's word - August 27 Wordle, Puzzle #434

by Nikola L

Good morning (or afternoon, evening) to all of our Wordle fans that stay with Wordle even during the weekends. We hope you are having a great Saturday so far and that this entire weekend will be a blast for you! Today, we have once again prepared a list of words to give you a helping hand on your conquest to resolve today’s Wordle #434 (August 27, 2022).
There are nine words with five letters that start with RU, which is not too hard, but not too easy either.

We hope you will have fun resolving today’s Wordle and we invite you to bookmark our Wordle Game Tag so that it can come in handy when you get into a pickle in the future.

  • ruddy
  • ruder
  • rugby
  • ruler
  • rumba
  • rumor
  • rupee
  • rural
  • rusty

What is the Deal With Wordle, Anyway?

Honestly, we cannot put our finger on why Wordle got so viral. We assume that it could be due to its simplicity. Finding a word that has five letters only is not extremely difficult, it does not take more than five minutes to finish the puzzle, and it provides you with an incentive to come back daily (you can log your winning streak and other cool stats for geeks) especially when you are playing with friends or coworkers and have some sort of internal competition, for example. Josh Wardle is the developer of this and also of another viral game (/r/place) that dominated Reddit on April Fools Day.

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