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5 Letter Words That Start With PRI

by Nikola L

Another day, another Wordle puzzle to solve. Prima Games is here to help you close out the month of August with a Wordle win that will hopefully extend your already-long streak and bring you closer to the “Club 200” that most dedicated Wordle players are already in. We have assembled a list of five-letter words that start with PRI, and the list is luckily not that long and holds just 11 entries, so we hope that this help will be enough to secure you the win today.

Five Letter Words That Begin With PRI

The list of five-letter words that begin with PRI is below:

  • price
  • prick
  • pride
  • pried
  • prime
  • primo
  • print
  • prior
  • prism
  • privy
  • prize

We hope that you’ve gotten your daily win and we hope to see you tomorrow, or any time soon. Make sure to bookmark our Wordle Game Tag in case you need to come back for your daily dose of Wordle here on Prima Games. Also, check out our core strategy articles for Wordle:

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Who Made Wordle and Why?

Josh Wardle is the culprit behind Wordle. He made Wordle for his partner since they wanted a new puzzle game to play. Wardle is also the developer of r/place on Reddit, another viral hit, and we certainly hope that Josh will get bored soon again and deliver another great game that millions of people will love.

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