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5 Letter Words That Start With CHI

Help for today's word - August 29 Wordle, Puzzle #436

by Nikola L

Here we are, another Monday, another start of a Wordle week, and Prima Games is ready to assist those who are looking for ways to extend their winning streak in the word game. Today, we have prepared a comprehensive, alphabetically sorted list of five-letter words that start with CHI. There are nine words that fit the criteria for Wordle #436 (August 29, 2022) and we certainly hope that you will find your way to victory today. Also, make sure to bookmark our Wordle Tag in case you require assistance in the upcoming days since we do our best to cover Wordle on a daily basis for fans that need help.

Five Letter Words That Begin with CHI

Below is our help for today’s Wordle word – Puzzle #436 for August 29, 2022. We wish you good luck!

  • chick
  • chide
  • chief
  • child
  • chili
  • chill
  • chime
  • china
  • chirp

Did you get it? Hopefully, these hints were helpful enough for you to win today’s Wordle #436 puzzle.

How Wordle Came To Be

Josh Wardle (interesting play on words, we must admit) is the creator of this viral and catchy daily puzzle game. It was created with his partner out of sheer boredom. They just wanted to play a new puzzle game. It turns out, that a lot of people from around the world wanted the same, and New York Times jumped in and bought it.

Josh Wardle also made the famous /r/place on Reddit. Who knows what Mr. Wardle will come up with next?

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