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5 Letter Words Starting with LEA

Help for today's word - January 12, 2023 Wordle, puzzle #572

by Nikola L

You are looking for a solution to Wordle Puzzle #572 (January 12, 2023). You indeed came to the right place. For Wordle Puzzle #572 (January 12, 2023), Prima Games has you covered with many suggestions and hints to help you solve the Wordle with the six attempts the game rules grant you.

We invite you to look around the list and see if you can guess the Wordle word for today. There are many of them, and you might be amazed, so use your attempts wisely.

Five Letter Words That Begin With LEA

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We present the list of words with five letters in them and start with LEA, qualifying them as a potential solution for Wordle Puzzle #572 on January 12, 2023.

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Five Letter Words That Start with LEA

  • leach
  • leads
  • leafs
  • leafy
  • leaks
  • leaky
  • leans
  • leant
  • leaps
  • leapt
  • learn
  • lears
  • leary
  • lease
  • leash
  • least
  • leave

That is the end of the list of all words that have precisely five letters and begin with LEA. We hope that this assistance was sufficient for you to successfully beat today’s Wordle #572.

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What is Wordle and Who Made it?

In 2022, The New York Times started hosting the virally-known online puzzle game. It is simple, takes a few minutes a day, and keeps challenging you every day. Software programmer Josh Wardle, who is responsible for this game, came up with the name “Wordle” as a play on words regarding his last name.

If you didn’t know, this is not the developer’s first widely popular online game; he is also the man behind the very hyped r/place on Reddit, where users could paint one pixel at a time (with a cooldown), which made users gather to recreate great works of art or start pixel wars. Nobody knows what Mr. Wardle will do next. He did say in a recent interview that he was challenged to create the next “Wordle,” although it is still unclear whether he will make something new in 2023, let alone if it will live up to the success of Wordle and r/place.

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