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5 Letter Words Starting with HU

Help for today's word - January 13, 2023 Wordle, puzzle #573

by Nikola L

Good morning everyone, it’s time to solve January 13 Wordle Puzzle #573. Let’s start off this Friday the 13th on a lucky note by finishing your daily Wordle Puzzle task successfully. It’s going to be the same old, same old for our readers who tune in daily to Prima Games for their daily dose of Wordle hints. You will see below a complete list of all five-letter words that are starting with HUM. There are just six of them, so if you didn’t waste a lot of attempts before coming here, you are bound to win this, don’t worry.

Five Letter Words That Begin With HUM

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Below is the promised list of all five letter words that begin with HUM. We hope that your Friday the 13th will start lucky and remain lucky!

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  • human
  • humic
  • humid
  • humor
  • humps
  • humus

This is the end of our list of words that begin with HUM and have exactly five letters. Hopefully, your streak is intact, and you can close out the working week by getting to brag that your streak has not been broken on Friday the 13th among your peers and colleagues.

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What is Wordle and Who Made it?

Josh Wardle is the person responsible for the creation of Wordle. He and his partner, Palak Shah, were bored and wanted a new word game (because Palak loves these!), and the rest is history. Wordle is hosted on the New York Times and is named after him. It’s rumored that it was initially supposed to be named “Wardle,” but we’ve got ourselves a great play on words here.

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