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5 Letter Words That Start With CLO

Help for today's word - August 25 Wordle, Puzzle #432

by Nikola L

Prima Games wishes a warm welcome to all Wordle enthusiasts, lovers, addicts, and nerds on this lovely August 25, 2022.
We are once again delivering hints to those who are struggling to hold on to their win streak. Check out our list of five-letter words that start with CLO below. There are just nine of them, so we believe that the struggle to find today’s (Wordle #432) solution will not be great.

Five Letter Words That Begin With CLO

The handful of words that start with CLO is below, sorted alphabetically. One of the words is the solution for today (Wordle #432, August 25th, 2022).

Also, make sure to bookmark our Wordle Tag so that you can come back any time you need assistance, we cover Wordle hints every day.

  • cloak
  • clock
  • clone
  • close
  • cloth
  • cloud
  • clout
  • clove
  • clown

We hope you got it this time! Remember to pop back tomorrow or whenever you need a hand should you need assistance with Wordle’s daily puzzles.

What is the Origin of Wordle?

Although Wordle is hosted on The New York Times website, it was originally created by Josh Wardle (yes, the wordplay was intentional) who is also a creator of Reddit’s /r/place. Who knows what viral game Mr. Wardle will create next?

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