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5 Letter Words Starting With AP

Help for today's word - July 21 Wordle, puzzle #397

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
5 Letter Words Starting With AP

If you are looking for words for today’s Wordle, you are in the right place here at Prima Games. Are you struggling to come up with the next word to finish the puzzle you are currently trying to solve? Check out the list below for some recommendations for a 5-letter word for Wordle starting with “AP” – you will be surprised at how many words actually do!

5 Letter Words That Start With AP

See the list below of the potential five-letter words starting with “AP” that could help you solve today’s Wordle (July 21 Wordle, puzzle #397) below. Good luck.

  • Apace
  • Apage
  • Apaid
  • Apart
  • Apayd
  • Apays
  • APCDs
  • APCRs
  • APDUs
  • Apeak
  • Apeek
  • Apers
  • Apert
  • Apery
  • Apgar
  • Aphid
  • Aphis
  • Apian
  • Aping
  • Apiol
  • Apish
  • Apism
  • Apium
  • APLer
  • Apnea
  • Apoda
  • Apode
  • Apods
  • Apols
  • Apoop
  • Aport
  • Appal
  • Appar
  • Appay
  • Appel
  • Apple
  • Apply
  • Appro
  • Appui
  • Appuy
  • Apres
  • April
  • APRNs
  • Apron
  • Apses
  • Apsis
  • Apsos
  • Apted
  • Apter
  • Aptly

That concludes our list of 5-letter words starting with AP, which should help you guess today’s Wordle problem #397. Don’t forget, you only have six chances in this game so choose your words wisely based on the yellow, green, and gray colors that appear when inputting a letter.

(Image via PCMag)

What is Wordle and Who Made it?

The New York Times launched Wordle, a popular web-based puzzle game, in 2022. Josh Wardle, a software engineer, invented it – and almost named it after himself! Also, this is not the author’s first big Internet game that got viral; he is also the creator of r/place on Reddit, where people built pictures together pixel by pixel.

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