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5 Letter Words Ending in PT

Help for today's word - January 12, 2023 Wordle, puzzle #572

by Nikola L

Yes, we know, you got stuck during the resolution of today’s Wordle Puzzle and are looking for a quick solution for Wordle Puzzle #572 (January 12th, 2023). You luckily came to the right place because for Wordle Puzzle #572 (January 12, 2023), Prima Games has you completely covered with many suggestions and hints to help you solve the Wordle with the six attempts the game rules grant you every single day.

We invite you to look around the list and see if you can guess the Wordle word for today. There are many, and you might be truly amazed, so use your attempts wisely and steadily.

5 Letter Words That End With PT

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We present the list of words with five letters in them and end with PT, which qualifies them as a potential solution for Wordle Puzzle #572 on January 12th, 2023.

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  • adapt
  • adept
  • adopt
  • coapt
  • crept
  • crypt
  • erupt
  • inapt
  • inept
  • kempt
  • leapt
  • slept
  • swept
  • tempt
  • whipt

That is the end of the list of all words with precisely five letters and ends with PT. We hope that this assistance was sufficient for you to beat today’s Wordle #572 successfully.

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What is Wordle and Who Made it?

Josh Wardle, the creator of /r/place, is the author of Wordle. It’s truly funny when you think of it, that Wordle came to be because Josh and his partner were bored, they both like word puzzles, and Josh decided to create one. It was an instant hit, and it is hosted on New York Times site.

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