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WWE Superstar R-Truth Talks Video Games

by Prima Games Staff

Ronnie Killings knows his way around a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring. Known to fans as R-Truth, the WWE Superstar is one of the majority of pros that loves to game when he’s not entertaining packed arenas and millions of TV viewers around the world. With 2K Sports taking over the video game license with WWE 2K14 this fall, R-Truth took some time away from pro wrestling to discuss video games in this exclusive interview.

What wrestling games did you play back in the day?

I bought games like WrestleMania as soon as they came out. For a wrestling game to come out back then, the graphics were phenomenal.

What are your thoughts on how far wrestling games have come since then?

Video games back then were great, but nothing compared to today. It was just the tip of the iceberg. Now you get the whole snowstorm. It’s out of this world with the graphics in the WWE games. They give you so many options of picking your place to wrestle, picking your own arena and designing your opponent.  I mean from the gear you wear to the color of his eyes, everything is customizable. It’s awesome.

What’s it like to see yourself virtually in the WWE games?

It’s all that, man. It’s all that. The first time I saw myself in a video game I popped a fuse.  It was surreal and I played myself over and over again just trying to grasp that feeling.

When it comes to someone who’s going to pick your character in WWE 13, what advice would you give?

Take your time and use every special move that I’ve got because I have a full arsenal.

What move do you like in particular when you’re playing the game as yourself?

I like my flying super 360 air.

How good are you at playing the WWE video games?

I’m pretty good, man. I’m pretty good. I’m a hard opponent to beat in a video game.

Do you ever go online and play?

I have played online before.  I played Randy Orton online. But for the most part I’ve been playing with my son. He plays online all the time, so I end up playing and beating his friends a lot. I love it, man. It almost puts you right in the house with them, you know what I’m saying? Being in touch without being there is great.

How popular are video games amongst the WWE Superstars?

Very popular. A lot of guys bring their video games on the road with them. We spend a lot of our time in hotels, so why not hook the game up and get a good game going?

Outside of WWE 13, what games do you like to play on the road?

Mortal Kombat. We play a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Any kind of action game, man.

What does it mean to you knowing that 2K Sports is making WWE 2K14?

Man, everybody’s ecstatic and waiting for it. It’s like waiting for a cake to get baked.  Your mouth is watering, fingers clenched and everybody’s just waiting for it, because you just know it’s going to be off the hook.

If you were in charge, what would you like to see in WWE 2K14?

I could go on and on with that. I would like for you to be able to produce your own background music in the video game right there on the soundboard. You could produce your own music and have your own background playing.

WWE 2K14 debuts October 29 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.