THQ has unleashed WWE 13 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The new game features the largest roster ever for a wrestling title. Gamers can download WWE Diva AJ Lee and take the avid gamer geek into the ring against current and past wrestling greats. Lee worked with THQ during the development process to ensure her in-game character was accurate. She also got to play the game early at press events. Lee talks about her own gaming background and offers some tips to play by in this exclusive interview.

When someone downloads your DLC character, what strategy should they take?

I don’t know, duck and move? That’s what I do, because I cannot out power anyone. I can’t, so I just try to use my quickness. I was playing with her, and she has my moves, and it’s so surreal. She’s pretty fast, so I would say that. If you could find a way to make her skip, try it. I don’t know how to do that, but that gives me power in real life.

WWE 13 is all about the Attitude Era. What is your favorite memory from that era watching as a kid?

I had a special love for the McMahon/Helmsley era when Stephanie and Triple H came together. I thought that was so cutting edge and cool, and I just always wanted to be this bad-ass power couple. To me, it was really cool to see a girl in that role and being a really intricate character and intricate piece of the puzzle. That’s a very rare thing, and I’m very proud to somewhat be that now. I’m getting there…to be someone who can be the female in the midst of everything. So, yeah, definitely anything with Stephanie back then. I love her.

One of the new things in WWE 13 is they can take AJ Lee and put you up against any of these Attitude Era wrestlers. Who would you want to go one-on-one against?

My first match in the game was against Stephanie; I just played it. I was, "Oh, my God. I love her so much, but I want to beat her up." I just laid down and let her pin me. It was like, "I can’t do it." So, yeah, that was the first one. I definitely want to wrestle all of them. Trish and Lea; it’s so amazing. I’m gonna be on my couch with my Chihuahua. That’s all I’m gonna be doing anytime I’m home is playing this.

The game also opens up Diva versus Superstars all in one ring. Are there Superstars from back then you’d like to go up against?

I don’t know, but I know that I want to take any opportunity to beat up Daniel Bryan, any opportunity I can get, so I’ll probably do that. 

WWE 13 has got all kinds of online options. Do you play games online? 

No, but there’s a lot of fake me’s out there. I’m honestly such a hermit crab in every aspect of life, especially gaming, I don’t know what it is. If you see a fake one out there, if it makes you feel happy, fight her. She’s probably better than me.