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WWE 2K14 Wrestler Guide: C.M. Punk

by Prima Games Staff

C.M. Punk has managed to come out of nowhere as one of the WWE’s top stars. Getting his start in indie wrestling, Punk catapulted into the spotlight during a feud with John Cena, where he let loose with an unscripted rant that wrestling fans couldn’t get enough of. It got even better, though, when he managed to defeat John Cena in his hometown of Chicago and secure the WWE championship. Since then, he has one of the longest title reigns in the company, lasting well over 400 days before finally losing to The Rock.

These days, Punk still knows how to put on a show, just as he does in WWE 2K14. Here now are some great moves you can execute with the self-proclaimed “best in the world.”

How do I perform C.M. Punk’s “Go To Sleep” finisher in WWE 2K14?

This is simple. Make sure you’ve built up enough momentum to get your finisher highlighted – you’ll see the text indicating this below your wrestler, along with a flashing “F” symbol – and get close to your opponent. Hit Y or triangle – depending on your version – and he’ll hoist his opponent on his shoulders and knock them out with a knee to the face, throwing them to the ground. NOTE: may not work so easily for bigger wrestlers, you may need to work them a little harder to get them into position.

How do I perform C.M. Punk’s “Anaconda Vice” submission hold in WWE 2K14?

The Anaconda Vice is also relatively easy to use. Make sure your opponent is lying face down on the ground, and if you have your finisher lit up, go ahead and hit Y or Triangle. C.M. Punk will then lock the opponent into the submission hold, and you can engage in the “Breaking Point” button-tap mini-game to keep it going. Even if you don’t get the win the first time around, you’ll do a great deal of upper body damage, which should bring them closer to tapping out the second time you apply it.

Are there more worthwhile moves for C.M. Punk in WWE 2K14?

Plenty. Here’s a quick sum-up of some of his best stuff.

To launch into his traditional multi-kick attack – which ends with a powerful blow to the head – make sure you have the “signature” attack ready to go. Once it highlights and you’re in front of a woozy opponent, hit Y or triangle and let loose with a flurry of kicks.

Next up is the running knee, where your opponent sits at a turnbuckle and C.M. Punk runs up with a knee to the face. You’ll need to time this properly and make sure your opponent is out of it enough where they won’t move. Fling them into the corner with an Irish whip and come running in and press X or square. You should hit the knee with flying colors. 

Finally, don’t be afraid to try some high-flying stuff with Punk. He does a vintage elbow that pays tribute to the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage that’s fun to watch. Just make sure you don’t miss, though. Ouch.

WWE 2K14 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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