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The Wonderful 101 Unlocks Lists

by Prima Games Staff

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Alice, the Virgin Victory’s navigator, takes to the field as Wonder-Scarf! She is capable of using Unite Whip. However, Wonder-Scarf’s version of Unite Whip is enhanced with the ability to potentially freeze the enemies she strikes, making her a versatile leader to choose.


Even 20 years past his prime, Captain Nelson still has what it takes to punish GEATHJERK wherever it may hide. Armed with the Unite Drill ability, Wonder- Captain can pierce any defense, and the drill itself is perpetually bathed in flames.


Professor Shirogane is not one to shy away from the chance to do some real work in the field. His Unite Bomb’s may not hit as hard as Wonder-Black’s, but they do slow enemies down for a longer period of time.


Prince Vorkken is heir to the throne of the roaming Rhullo and leader of the Space Pirate band known across the universe as the Guyzoch. His Unify Boomerang works exactly as it did during your brief ability to use it in Operation 009.


Vorkken’s loyal second-in-command, Chewgi returns to the team with Unify Naginata to provide a devastating offensive defense.


Immorta is part of Galactic Federation Police, Special Weapons, Tactics, and Investigation Team, Sector S451219. Her Unite Bowgun is just how it was during the latter half of Operation 006.


A ghost from Wonder-Red’s past, Wonder-Daddy has returned to join his son in battle, wielding a Unite Claw that always emits flames!


The shadow of what will become mankind’s greatest hero, able to wield Unite Hand.


Humanity’s most lethal pompadour returns from the past to deliver hot-blooded Unite Drill justice!


As introduced in the Epilogue, Luka has turned into the newest addition to the Wonderful One Double Oh as Wonder-Goggles. His Unite Goggle’s lasers can burn through anything they cast their gaze upon.


A mysterious, impossibly powerful superhero from another time and place, dressed for action and unable to dredge up even the smallest hints of mercy to grant to any form of evil. Even those who would dare to so much as make a snide comment over the Internet will find themselves crushed by forces beyond mortal comprehension. Wonder-Director wields a form of Unite Goggles, and while they are weaker than Wonder-Goggles’ version, they fire longer lasting beams. Unfortunately, Wonder-Director can only sustain a single hit as a Leader before taking a trip to the continue screen, so he demands perfection in order to be used.


A masked hero from points unknown, Poseman is not officially a member of the Wonderful 100, but fights alongside them in pursuit of evil all the same. His form of Unite Hand is perpetually red-hot with the flame’s justice burning brightly around him.


A mysterious weaponsmith from another world, wielding Unite Hammer more skillfully than most. Asopposed to a single crushing blow, Rodin is able to execute devastating combos with his hammer.


A witch hailing from the same world as Rodin, her amazing powers have manifested in an ivory Unite Sword wreathed in constant electrical power. As a leader, Jeanne possesses the ability to use Hero Time, without the need to equip the Custom Block.


The single most powerful witch to ever exist, partner to Jeanne and customer of Rodin’s, Bayonetta uses her unique form of magic to crush her enemies ruthlessly. In this world, she wields the Unite Gun. As leader, she naturally possesses the ability to use Hero Time, even if the Custom Block is not yet equipped. Let’s rock, baby!


Normally, you can earn a total of six Custom Block slots throughout the course of gameplay. To unlock the seventh slot, you must max out the level of every hero in the game, even the unlockable ones! And there’s more! Two special Custom Blocks can be unlocked by accomplishing special tasks.


Earned by beating the Prologue on Easy or Very Easy, the Full Automatic block allows you to fight and defend yourself stylishly with minimum effort.


Upon beating the grueling Operation 101, you’re granted the chance to purchase the Infinite Energy Custom Block. True to its name, with this block you will never run low on Unite Gauge, allowing you to make endless Unite Morph combos at maximum strength, the only limits being the stamina of your foes. Note: Equipping either of these two Custom Blocks makes it so that you cannot post scores to Mii Verse.



This secret technique becomes available only after you have leveled up all of the original 100 heroes (unlockable heroes do not count) to their maximum level. Depending on your chosen leader (it must be one of the main seven), using Unite Big will create a gigantic version of that character, capable of dealing out massive damage.


Once you have unlocked one of the secret characters, you gain the Super Unite Morph ability. By placing a secret character as the Leader, you can create a Unite Morph that dwarfs the 100-man size Unite Morph, causing even more damage to enemies.

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