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The Walking Dead 400 Days Survival Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: 400 Days is available for download, and this short but outstanding side story helps tie together events between the already released first and upcoming second season, which should be released later this year. It follows five characters across a span of 400 days – hence the title – as they fight for survival, even if it means making some rash decisions.

To get you through the game, we’ve got some helpful tips when it comes to making decisions and staying alive during tougher segments. There are some spoilers ahead, so only refer to this guide if you’re stuck or just want to see how you can make each situation better.

Whatever each character does, the story will conclude with an epilogue featuring a person named Tavia, who depending on the situation offers each of these characters the opportunity to join up with her. This guide will help you make the right choices to form an alliance. Without further ado, here are the stories.

Warning: Spoilers


While being transported on a prison bus following his arrest for murder, Vince chats with Justin and Danny. As your conversation continues, you’ll begin to learn more about their backstories and what really makes them tick. This is important, because you’re going to make a vital decision by the end of the chapter – and the right call may not be what you think.

Justin, as a pyramid scheme entrepreneur, may not be trustworthy, but Danny’s crime is much worse, as he was arrested for raping a young girl and claims he didn’t do it. As you point the gun at their cuffs, however, you’ll learn that he may be guilty after all, admitting to doing “bad things.”

At this point, it’s best to shoot Danny and leave with Justin. Doing the opposite, Danny could convince Vince to not trust anyone, which will make his run-in with Tavia at the conclusion of the game awkward. Stick with Justin even if he seems like a slime ball.


In this tale, Wyatt teams up with Eddie following their escape from an overrun camp. One of their cohorts, Nate, is killed in the process, and another, Bennett, ends up being run over.

Bennett plays the key role, because the two partners then discuss who should investigate his body. At one point, Eddie will even suggest a rock-paper-scissors game to see who gets out of the car to check.

No matter what happens with the end of this chapter, Wyatt is going to split up from Eddie, whether he opts to just get out of the car and leave him behind, or if the two become separated when Nate attacks Eddie. The best way to go, however, is to either win the game of rock-paper-scissors or not play at all. Eddie will probably become frustrated, forcing him to leave the car, but you’ll be in a better spot to team up with Tavia at the end of the chapter.

Shel’s Story

Shel is part of a survival group working together to stay alive in an encampment led by Roman. She’ll be forced to make some key decisions during her chapter, such as keeping a non-English speaking man alive or voting to kill him – since he’s not trusted in the group. This decision comes up a bit later in the chapter, with members of the group voicing their trust – or lack thereof – in her character.

Eventually, Roman comes to a decision where Shel has to shoot Stephanie, one of the members of the group, over theft of ammunition and food in the camp.  It’s here that you’re given the option to either complete the job or grab the keys to an RV and make off with your friend Becca. Though you might be tempted to shoot Stephanie over her vile actions, it’s best to flee with your friend. Roman will be angry as a result, but you’ll be in a better position to trust Tavia at the conclusion of the episode.

Russell’s Story

With Russell, he’ll team up with Nate, a stranger who picks him up in a truck and starts to form a friendship with him.  The duo finds themselves dealing with a zombie, with the choice to either kill it or simply walk away. With this choice, it’s better to kill it, because otherwise, it’ll just show up in Bonnie’s chapter later on and you’ll have to contend with it anyway.

The pair also have to deal with a sniper in the episode, slowly maneuvering around to the point that they’ll be able to take him out. When they find out who he is, however, Russell is surprised to learn it’s just an old man keeping watch over his injured wife. It’s here that he has the choice to either kill the couple with Nate or simply walk away, saying, “I’m done” or something a little more extreme.

Nate kills the couple regardless, so you can’t save them. However, choosing to walk away will allow for a better opportunity to join up with Tavia at the end of the chapter.

Bonnie’s Story

Bonnie’s situation is rather delicate, as she has a close bond with Leland, an ally who is actually in a relationship with another girl, Dee, who becomes insanely jealous over their pairing. Their camp then comes under attack. Bonnie runs away, only to be shot in the shoulder.

After encountering the zombie from Russell’s story – unless you killed it earlier, as suggested – Bonnie takes refuge behind a tractor. When she hears someone coming, she strikes them with a rebar – only to discover it’s Dee. She eventually dies and Leland finds her, crushed and wondering what happened.

It’s important to tell Leland the truth.  In fact, throughout the entire chapter, the more truthful you can be, the better. He’ll decide whether to join you or not, but telling the truth the whole time will work to your benefit.

Bonnie will join up with Tavia regardless, but being honest will make her join up much faster.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is available for PC/Steam, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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