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Tales of Xillia – Alvin

by Prima Games Staff

Alvin is a charming mercenary that is “hired” by Jude and Milla on their way out of the capital city. His skills with his sword and pistol are matched only by his ability to turn any situation into an opportunity to make money. He is remarkably calm during most situations and can be counted on to roll with the punches.


He can always be counted on to stomp enemies into the ground and make everything seem much easier than it is thanks to his experience and forethought.

Beginning Artes

Alvin’s unique twist on Artes are his ability to charge up. By holding down the Artes button after an attack Alvin will combine his sword and pistol, causing his weapon to glow blue. While he is charged up, all of Alvin’s Artes change to much more powerful variations.

Demon Fang – A basic, powerful strike that becomes a ground-and-enemy-smashing blow when charged into Fierce Demon Fang.

Tiger Blade – Alvin swings his sword up then down, striking the enemy twice. When charged, it becomes Tiger Rage and strikes a third time.

Lilium Orb

Alvin joins the party with a fairly even spread across his Lilium Orb. The one thing that is immediately clear about Alvin is that he is designed to hack things to bits with his sword and learns plenty of skills and Artes that enhance this ability. The easiest route is to build up his Strength and Vitality to learn Blunt Force, an ability that gives his physical attacks the ability to stun enemies.

If you want a little more utility out of Alvin, you can opt instead to put some of his GP into Psy and Dexterity to unlock Guardian Field. This Arte causes damage to enemies while healing nearby allies and like Alvin’s other Artes, it can be charged to increase it’s effectiveness.