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State of Decay Walkthrough – Ray Santos & Misc Missions

by Prima Games Staff

Ray Santos Missions

In these few missions, we are introduced to Ray Santos, the son of the former mayor of Marshall. It seems his father instilled in him high moral values, and he offers you and the other survivors any help he can. Sadly, there are only two missions that involve Ray and I personally felt a lot was left unknown about him; I wish it was fleshed out a bit more.


Keep in mind that some of these missions will NOT show up as soon as a previous one is completed. If they don’t show up, spend time collecting resources, clearing out the town of infestations, and helping survivors. If there are too many infestations and survivors in need of help, it will slow down new mission occurrences.

Mission: An Elevated Perspective

Lily informs you that Ray would like to meet with you and since Lily is well aware of who Ray is; she is strongly in favor of seeing what Ray has to say. Head over to the mission marker and make your way to the roof of the building. At first, I found this somewhat confusing because it looked like the marker was saying I had arrived at my destination, but nothing was happening.

You have two options on how to get to the roof:

Head to the back of the building and climb the fire escape to the roof; OR

Go through the door at the front of the building which has stairs leading to the second floor, then jump out the window onto the fire escape, and finally climb to the roof.

I prefer the simpler method of circling behind the building. Once there, Ray will fill you in on his past and how he is very interested in helping out in any way he can.

Mission: Sweet Ride

Ray will call you directly and request that you meet with him in person. Once you meet with him, Ray informs you that he wants you to drive him to deliver supplies to some survivors. Hop into the extremely fast, exotic car and make your way to where the survivors are staying. Be aware that, while this car is VERY fast, it is also easily damaged compared to some of the other cars in the game.

Once you arrive at the destination, you are tasked with clearing the area of zeds. You can hop out of the car and deal with them personally, but where’s the fun in that? Start plowing down zeds with your sweet ride and, when the area is clear, head to the marker and deliver the supplies to the survivors.

As thanks for helping him out, Ray has now given you the ability to radio for a car if you are in a bind. Remember, radio abilities have a finite number of usages and also take time to recharge.

Misc Mission

Mission: Home Away From Home

This mission will randomly appear once you have rescued Lily’s brother, Jacob. On one of your  trips to the church, you will walk in on a conversation between these two siblings: Jacob believes you need to relocate due to needing more room for facilities and survivors Your current pad just isn’t cutting it anymore.

I highly recommend doing this because Jacob is 100% correct. You need to relocate if you want to gain all the benefits of having more survivors and facilities. Head to the nearest car and drive south to the town of Marshall. Investigate the house that the mission marker indicates. Once you’ve done so, you will get the ability to relocate your home here. Jacob states there is another location that is suitable for a home, so you should check it out.

Head to the new mission marker to find the other possible choice, the Snyder Trucking Warehouse. This is a MUCH better choice, as it has more locations for building facilities and better defenses. When you are at the location and are ready to relocate your home here, press Down on the D-Pad. This also allows you to have four more outposts, for a total of eight. However, be aware, when you do relocate your home, you will lose all your facilities AND you do not reacquire the resources you originally used to create them.

Random Missions

These missions are random in location and occurrence and, as such, it is impossible to list when and where they will occur. They are not critical to anything beyond increasing your standing with your fellow survivors and for filling time in between other missions. They are time-based and will eventually disappear. If you do not do complete the mission before this happens, you may lose some reputation or upset some survivors. The missions range from rescuing/helping survivors to killing specific zeds.

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