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Spoiler Alert: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

by Prima Games Staff

BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has one of the best plots in videogame history, thanks to a surprise where you eventually learn who your character truly is. This Spoiler Alert breaks everything down.  

Word of warning: spoilers ahead. 

The game takes place 4,000 years before the start of the Galactic Empire.  An ex-Jedi by the name of Dark Malak, a supreme Dark Lord of the Sith and former apprentice of Darth Revan, amassed an army of deadly soldiers and unleashed their wrath against the Republic.  Following this attack, the Jedi find themselves scattered across the outskirts of the universe similar to Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  The ones who didn’t escape swore their allegiance to both Malak and Revan or perished.

Following this, you wake up aboard the Endar Spire just moments before Malak’s attack.  As this takes place, your character forms a battle party and builds up a resistance before all is lost.  

From there, you visit various planets across the galaxy, with Dantooine the first stop.   Not only do you learn the ways of the Jedi, but you also gain access to a Star Map used to reach other planets, as well as the Star Forge to help plan a course of action.   

Over time, you’ll explore Tattooine pre-Luke Skywalker, Manaan, Korriban and Chewbacca’s home planet of Kashyyyk.  With each stop, more of the Star Forge and your character’s past/skills become available.  You will also decide whether to fight for the forces of good or evil, with your actions having direct consequences.

Without further delay, here’s the big twist.  You’re the brainwashed Darth Revan.  During an attack on a Republic planet sometime beforehand, Darth Malak betrayed his apprentice and left him for dead.  Jedi Bastila Shan healed Revan and brought him or her before the Jedi Council.  It was decided that memory modification would be processed, assuring that Revan would no longer be a threat to the galaxy.

Depending on which role you decided to play in Knights of the Old Republic, the ending can go one of two ways.

Fighting on the side of good sees you defeating Malak and the rest of the Sith after reaching the Star Forge.  This makes the bond between yourself and Bastila stronger, and you’re savior of the galaxy.  This leads to a bright future with the Republic.

Should you choose the other path, Revan finally confronts and defeats Malak, eventually becoming the new Dark Lord of the Sith; the Jedi die as a result.  You then stand before your remaining Sith forces as their new leader.

Although you know the ending, rest assured that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic still provides a memorable experience regardless of platform.  That said, don’t hesitate to play this classic RPG.

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