Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter trilogy entertained fans with enjoyable gameplay and a satisfying plot.  With the trilogy already available on PlayStation 3 and the Vita edition arriving June 18, this Spoiler Alert covers the Jak and Daxter Collection. As always, proceed with caution if you haven’t played these games.

Jak and Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy

The game begins with Jak and his trouble-making friend Daxter visiting the dangerous Misty Island against the warning of the all-knowing Samos the Sage.  They see a group of Lurkers and head off to warn the others.  A big Lurker gets in their way, forcing Jak to subdue it with a powerful energy source known as Eco.  Unfortunately, the explosion knocks Daxter into a pool of Dark Eco, turning him from a human into an ottsel, a combination of an otter and weasel.  He maintains his smarminess and moves much faster, but obviously looks and acts differently.

Upon returning to Samos, he explains that the only way to transform Daxter back is to visit the Sage of Dark Eco, Gol Acheron.  After collecting the necessary Power Cells to activate a hoverbike built by Jak's friend Keira, they make their way to the village, only to find a giant cyborg named Klaww, with the Sage nowhere in sight.

The duo track down more power cells, defeat Klaww in his lair and then head to a Volcanic Crater, where the pair find the Red Sage's laboratory.  It's here where they learn the identities of the people from Misty Island – Gol Acheron and his sister Maia.  They're looking to flood the world with Dark Eco.  Keira also informs them that Samos has been captured.

Traveling to the Acheron's stronghold, Jak and Daxter rescue the sages but run into a large robot capable of breaking open the Dark Eco silos.  They confront the Precursor Robot atop the silos but only disable its weapons.  However, four mini-silos open with different Eco types, creating a Light Eco.  Daxter realizes he could use this to change back, but instead lets Jak harness this energy to destroy the robot.  The Acherons sink into the Dark Eco silo, but Samos believes they could return.  The first game concludes with the opening of a Precursor Door containing a strange bright object.

Jak II

The second game opens with Jak, Daxter and Samos watching Keira as she studies the Precursor Ring found at the conclusion of the first adventure.  This opens a portal that accidentally transports them to a place called Haven City, which is under the control of the merciless Baron Praxis.  Upon arriving, the group is separated and Jak gets captured by Praxis' Krimzon Guard.  It's here that the evil Baron subjects him to Dark Eco tests that turn him into a dangerous beast.

Two years later, Daxter is able to rescue Jak and team up with an underground rebel movement to remove Baron from the throne and replace him with someone simply known as The Kid.  Keira and Samos rejoin the group, though the sage has become younger for some reason.  They learn the Baron and Metal Heads are actually working together, and that Haven City is actually built upon the sage's original home, Sandover Village.

Praxis is able to gain the Precursor Stone, giving him immense power.  He intends to use it to push the Metal Heads aside, but doesn't realize it's much stronger than that – activating it could destroy the planet.  He turns to Krew, a mob boss within the City to destroy the stone.  Jak stops him and his machine, killing him in the process.

From there, Metal Heads run rampant throughout the city. Jak heads into its Construction Zone and stumbles across Kor, a member of the Underground assigned to protect The Kid.  He is in fact a traitor, the leader of the Metal Heads.  He delivers a crippling blow to Praxis and leaves him for dead.  Before he succumbs, however, he reveals that another Precursor Stone bomb exists.  Daxter is able to defuse the bomb, and Jak takes the Stone.

Jak then proceeds to find Kor and confront him, and learns the kid has a Precursor Ring similar to the one found at the beginning of the game.  It's here that Kor reveals that the Kid is in fact Jak as a child.  They aren't in the future, but the past.  The young Jak then proceeds to release the Precursor entity trapped inside the stone.

Kor is defeated after being hit by the Precursor Ring, which gets damaged during the conflict.  Young Jak then activates the Precursor entity, opening it and allowing young Jak and Samos to go through the ring unharmed.  Jak, Daxter, Samos and Keira remain in Haven City.

Jak 3

This game takes place years after Jak II, with the hero banished to the Wasteland for a supposed crime against Haven City.  Daxter joins him, along with an ally named Pecker.  Despite defeating the leader of the Metal Heads years ago, remnants of this evil group team with the Krimson Guard's K.G. Robots and attack Haven citizens, leaving the city divided into three parts.  The Palace is destroyed as well, though it's not explained yet by who.  The trio passes out in the desert, but are saved by Kleiver and his pack of desert dwellers.

They arrive in Spargus, where king Damas demands Jak pay loyalty to him for his rescue.  Pecker becomes his royal advisor, and Jak makes his way to a Precursor Monk temple, where he learns new powers as well as a prophecy that could destroy the planet.

Jak runs into his friend Ashelin, who says he needs to come back to Haven City to save it from the Metal Heads and Krimzon Guard.  He refuses, still angry about being exiled.  Ashelin leaves, but Jak changes his mind and goes after her.  With help from Daxter, they reunite the Freedom League and hope to lead this group into battle against the robots.

Strange creatures emerge on the way to Haven City, Dark Makers that were once Precursors but changed into twisted beings.  A Dark Maker spaceship appears, threatening the planet.  Jak learns the only way to stop it is to activate the planetary defense system set in the core of the planet.  On the way, he stops into the Krimzon Guard War Factory where he runs across Errol, an enemy from the second game leading the attack.  He's the one who contacted the Dark Makers, swearing vengeance on Haven City.  Jak manages to destroy the Factory but Errol escapes.  He catches up with him again in the Metal Head Nest Tower and destroys it, but Errol slips away once more.  With the robots finally defeated, Jak heads to the Planet Core with Daxter in tow.

Damas helps but gets killed during an attack.  Before succumbing to his injuries, he reveals who Jak’s father is.   Jak learns his real name is Mar, founder of Haven City.  

From there, Count Veger strikes, explaining that he was the one who took him from Damas, hoping to use his eco powers but losing them over the course of the events in Jak II.  The two race to the planetary core, with Veger barely absorbing the Precursor's powers.

It turns out the Precursors are actually Ottsels like Daxter, and they turn Veger into one for good measure.  Jak and Daxter then teleport to the Dark Maker Ship, deactivating its shields so the planetary defense system can take it down.  The mission succeeds, but Errol, who snuck aboard the ship, takes a Dark Maker Terraformer and tries to pilot the ship to the planet's surface.  Jak follows and defeats him, destroying the Terraformer in the process.

A celebration in Spargus City follows, and the Precursors leave the planet in peace.  Jak is offered a spot with their group, but chooses to live in Haven City.

Jak and Daxter Collection is available for PlayStation 3, and will release on PlayStation Vita June 18.