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South Park: How to Play the Mage Class

by Prima Games Staff

Socially awkward? Don’t like to get your hands dirty? Well, then maybe the Mage is for you. Before you roam the town in your bathrobe looking like a vagrant, here are some tips.

Pro-tip: It helps to read this aloud in a self-help seminar voice.


As a Mage, you’ll always have a PP boost, along with a boost in damage caused by fire-based abilities, as well as a decrease in the amount of damage sustained while blocking. If you’re willing to lose the boost to fire-based abilities, replace the Mage’s Robe of Might with another costume that will afford you armor. This way, you can boost fire, frost, or shock abilities through patches, while taking advantage of the armor to sustain blows to the head.


As a Mage, right out the gate, Dragon’s Breath makes you a force to be reckoned with. Setting your enemies on fire is a pretty effective equalizer in any situation. You may be tempted to experiment with Dust of Dreams, but keep in mind that bosses and other stronger foes are immune or resistant to being stunned. You would be better off upgrading Dragon’s Breath instead, since level 3 will damage more than one enemy and burning enemies will quickly see their health whittled away.


Lightning Volt, Funnel of Frost, and Pyre Ball are all formidable attacks on their own. By pairing any of these with attack bonuses from Equipment Patches, you’ll dominate any battle. These three spells alone are powerful enough at higher levels to warrant holding back on upgrading your first two abilities. If you want to really take advantage of your enemies, upgrade Funnel of Frost to level 3. At level 3, a perfect attack will strips any beneficial statuses, slows your enemies, and hits them with Defense Down… it’s a trifecta that makes them ready for pain!

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