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South Park: How to Get Loot

by Prima Games Staff

Let’s be honest… You’re probably going to spend a lot of time digging through your neighbor’s belongings and rummaging through the occasional duffel bag left abandoned in town. We don’t blame you, there are plenty of useful items to find. Besides, it’s cheaper to find your next box of deliciously nuclear winter resistant Snacky Cakes this way than actually buying them. While most of the inventory that you’ll acquire in this fashion is pretty self-explanatory, you know, like Health Potions, Weapons, Armor… some of it is not. Yep, today we’re going to discuss the finer points of… Junk!

What is Junk exactly? Well, it’s an eclectic assortment of items that are barely worth their weight in Cash. You’ll come across the Urinal Deuce, Randy’s DUI Record, and even an extremely worn copy of Guzunga’s Gentleman’s Magazine… gross. Most of all these items can be sold to shops for less than a dollar – with the exception of Stevie Nicks (I mean the “Afghani Goat” that can be found in a Chest at the Post Office which resells for $4.00). So what is any of it really good for?


Once you begin to collect Junk, your first instinct may be to sell it off for a quick and easy profit. This is fine except if you are attempting to unlock the “For the Hoarder” achievement. This achievement requires you to complete the game without selling any items. So, if you fancy yourself a completionist, resist the urge to flip any of your loot for profit. After you’ve unlocked the “For the Hoarder” achievement though… rush over to your nearest retail establishment and unload 300 Junk items on them to unlock the “Junk Peddler” achievement.


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