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South Park: Get the Most from Perks

by Prima Games Staff

Popularity is not without it perks… literally. Why should you have so many social networking friends and put up with the daily barrage of cat pictures and inspirational reposts from people you can’t stand? Well, that’s Perks of course!

What is a Perk and how does it benefit me?

Well, we’re glad you’ve asked that! Perks are status bonuses that are not dependent on class, level, or equipment. You’ll be eligible for your first Perk once you have seven friends… totally possible before even leaving your block. Take a moment to browse through the selection of Perks and carefully choose what works best for YOUR play style. For example:

You’re a Mage that is always blasting your enemies in the face with Dragon’s Breath. Well, because you’re always lighting your enemies on fire, you’re sure to benefit from the Pyromaniac perk, which allows you to inflict more damage and take less from Burning enemies. You can even use Perks to boost your health and PP early with Growing Boy and Apprentice.

Choose your Perks wisely when the chance presents itself. There are only so many friends to be had in South Park and you don’t want to find yourself regretting the decision of using Fight or Flight and never finding yourself critically injured often.

What about the four locked Perks you ask?

After you begin the Detention Sentence quest, you’ll unlock four more Perks:

Healing Wind
Each time you perform a magic attack with your weapon, recover some HP.

Power Bottom
Each time you perform a magic attack with your weapon, recover some PP.

Counterattack enemies with your ass – requires Mana but delivers more damage than a weapon counter.

Fart of War
Inflict additional damage when using a magic attack with your melee or ranged weapons.

With these four choices unlocking not long into your adventure, you may want to hold off on spending all of your available Perks too soon, at least before you’ve had a chance to choose your preferred method for dispensing pain.

Now that you know how to be perky, be sure you know how to get the most loot!

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