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Sims 3 University Life – Top 10 Tips for Gaining Influence in Social Groups

by Prima Games Staff

Looking to boost your status on campus? Try these tips to increase your influence with your social circle:

1.    The best way to get started with a Social Group is to begin a conversation with a Sim belonging to a Social Group. That will usually get you to level 1 of Influence with that Social Group.

2.    Some majors at the university are related to specific Social Groups because of the requirements to earn a degree. You can build up with Nerds if you are studying Medicine and Science or Technology. If you are a Physical Education major, you will have an easier time with the Jocks. Fine Arts is a natural match for Rebels. Pick a group related to your major and gain Influence while working on your degree.

3.    Visit places where Sims of your target Social Group hang out. For Nerds, go to Keith’s Komics. Jocks like the Bowlarama. Rebels, on the other hand, like The Grotto.

4.    Go to parties or activities with Sims of a particular Social Group. Any party is great for Jocks; however, if a Sim from a group invites you to a party, there will more than likely be several Sims from the same group there as well.

5.    Build up relationships with Sims of your target Social Group. Invite them to do activities with you, to come over to your residence, or go on a date. The more interactions you have with a Sim, the more Influence you gain with their Social Group.

6.    If you want to gain Influence with the Jocks, do the following activities: play collegiate sports, play ping pong, go bowling, host a Bonfire party, perform the school cheer, do a Keg Stand, and use your smart phone to take photos of yourself with other Sims.

7.    Here are some suggestions if you want to gain Influence with the Nerds: play video games, read comic books, solve equations on the white board, do scientific research, do trivia challenges, throw things into Bonfires, work on the group science project, and use the brain enhancing machine.

8.    Gain Influence with the Rebels in the following ways: organize protests, rant and speak your mind, dare other Sims to do things, use a podium or megaphone to complain about the world, drink organic brews, use herbs, throw herbs into a fire, leave tags and murals around the world, and go dumpster diving.

9.    While you can earn Influence with more than one Social Group at a time, focus on just one. As you progress to level 8, you can unlock a sixth trait. While this is called a Social Trait, you can pick any trait you want.

10.    Continue building up Influence with a single Social Group in order to unlock a dream job at level 10. When you return home from college, you will get a job offer depending on your Social Group. Jocks can be Sports Agents; Nerds can be Video Game Developers; Rebels can be Art Appraisers.

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