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SimCity Diagrams – Part 2 – Coal City

by Prima Games Staff

If your goal is to build a Coal City, you will need to understand the different development stages. In this section we take a look at the multi-stage development and specialization of a Coal City.

Pittsburgh: Coal City


Pittsburgh is founded on a dry, uneven piece of land, with plenty of coal just beneath the surface. This presents the Mayor with a tempting economic opportunity. By mining coal, the city can provide a ton of low wealth jobs as well as fuel a Coal Power Plant. In addition to coal, the city invests in dirty (tech level 1) industry to supply more low wealth jobs while producing freight for commercial and increased tax revenue for the city. But the heavy emphasis on coal power and dirty industry results in heavy pollution, making it difficult to attract medium and high wealth residential and commercial buildings. By the end, the city generates most of its tax revenue from dirty industry while supplying its neighboring city Berkeley with power and freight. In return, Pittsburgh gets fire, health, and police services from Berkeley—ambulance coverage is essential for treating all those injured Sims working in the factories and the Coal Mine.

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